Tortuga is a Star System with no habitable worlds composed of massive asteroid belts rich in mine-able minerals and three gas giants that have some of the largest collections of fusion ready elements in the galaxy. Tortuga is ruled by High Prince Jean Francois Broussard, King of Pirates, Corsair of The Battleground, and Defender of the Faith.

The Tortuga system epitomizes the concept of “wretched hive of scum and villainy”. The system is a gathering point for some of the most dreaded pirates and mercenaries in the galaxy. The Church only tolerates the system due to the almost unending bribes payed out by Broussard directly to The Churches coffers.

The only place of organized activity is on the massive moon known as Tortuga from which the system derives its name. Tortuga has no breathable atmosphere, and is little more than a rock roughly the size of Venus. It is riddled with natural and man-made tunnels that were originally part of its rich titanium ore industry. With the veins since exhausted it is now a warren where in, anything can be purchased and no one asks any questions.

Broussard runs his mining interests as little more than slave labor camps, and his Labor Enclaves are some of the most dreaded in the galaxy. The mortality rate for his laborers is so high that Broussard can only maintain his mining quotas by the regular influx of new people, which he acquires through war, or the threat of war.

Broussard commands one of the largest navies in the galaxy, and it assembled from the ragtag bits of mercenary ships and the spoils of war garnered at The Battleground. His navy is crewed by mercenaries and the deserters of other navies, but they are the most feared organized force in the galaxy after The Swiss Guard. When his military is not in action against his enemies, elements of it can be found abroad looking for tasty merchant ships to pray upon.


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