The Holy Roman Church

The Holy Roman Church is the formal title of The Church. This is the current form of what was formally the Roman Catholic Church, and it is a distorted version of that religious body. It follows much the same forms as it once did, and its Hierarchy is almost completely unchanged.

The Church is best divided into three bodies: The Roman Curia, The Ordained, and The Laity.

The Roman Curia
The Roman Curia is the collective term for the leadership of The Church, they are The Pope, The College of Cardinals, Gatekeepers, The College of Bishops, The Swiss Guard, and the Nuns that serve them. They are the only people allowed to go to New Rome. The decisions made by The Roman Curia lay out the fate of all of humanity. No commoner ever speaks openly against them, and any one of the Curia has the power to decide the fate of any citizen at his whim.

Since the time of Pope Constantine II the Popes of The Church have only been chosen from the ranks of the Gatekeepers. This system has frustrated some members of The Roman Curia, but most see it as a necessary tithe to the unprecedented power that the Gatekeepers have brought to The Church.

The Ordained
The Ordained are those individuals that have been anointed by The Church as priests, System Lords, or in the case of women as Nuns. The Ordained have a good deal of power, but the power they posses is mostly given to them for only so long as they serve the will of The Church. It is from the ranks of The Ordained that the members of The Roman Curia are chosen. Only the most loyal servants may ever attain those positions, and most of The Ordained find themselves in life long service to The Church as merely Ordained.

The Laity
The Laity is the general term for all of the people who publicly proclaim themselves amongst the faithful servants of God and The Church. The level of religious devotion amongst The Laity is extremely varied; some hope to rise to Ordination, while some pay the faith only lip service to keep from being accosted by The Church.

The Holy Roman Church

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