Seif al Din

Seif al Din was born and raised on the planet of New Mecca. His father, Abdul Muhsi, a well respected but fiery Imam, tutored him throughout his youth. Even as a boy, Seif was made to hear, and eventually made to believe, that The Holy Roman Church was to blame for all of his people’s problems, both past and present.

Time has not made Seif, now 26 years old, a more sympathetic or understanding man. He trained for years in the best of New Mecca’s military colleges, riding grants and favors garnered by his charismatic father to forge his natural agility into a weapon of the Jihad.

In a short time, Seif has become an accomplished thief, assassin, scout and spy. Armed with both his faith and training, the young Muslim left New Mecca, imparting upon his father a promise, “All wrongs will be undone. All rights will be restored. And the secrets of The Church will be mine.”

Seif al Din, literally “Sword of Faith” in the Arabic language, is a dour man. He rarely speaks unless spoken to, and offers his opinion only when the situation demands it. He is an accomplished warrior however, and is almost fearless in battle. Ignoring his sidearm in all but the most desperate times, Seif prefers to wield his finely wrought shamshir from the shadows. Discussions of faith rarely end well for those that start them in Seif’s presence. He despises The Holy Roman Church but is well aware of the power they hold throughout the known galaxy. Rather than speak out against The Church and the injustices it has committed against his people, Seif is content to bide his time in anticipation. For one day, Seif believes, he will penetrate the mystery of New Rome and plunder its secrets, returning to New Mecca as a savior and prophet.

Seif al Din

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