Roman Curia

The Roman Curia is the collective term for the leadership of The Church, they are The Pope, The College of Cardinals, Gatekeepers, The College of Bishops, The Swiss Guard, and the Nuns that serve them. They are the only people allowed to go to New Rome. The decisions made by The Roman Curia lay out the fate of all of humanity. No commoner ever speaks openly against them, and any one of the Curia has the power to decide the fate of any citizen at his whim.

The Pope
Since the time of Pope Constantine II the Popes of The Church have only been chosen from the ranks of the Gatekeepers. This system has frustrated some members of The Roman Curia, but most see it as a necessary tithe to the unprecedented power that the Gatekeepers have brought to The Church.

The current Pope is Pope Marinus IV, he was born and raised on New Rome, and his only duties away from his homeworld were when he served in the Gatekeeper corp of navigators. Pope Marinus IV is said to have never set on any planets other than New Rome and Earth; and only on Earth for his inauguration as Pope.

The College of Cardinals
The College of Cardinals are the highest ranking members of The Church. They are all Bishops who have been raised to the position of Arch-Bishop, or Cardinal, and are appointed to oversee the various sees of The Church.

The majority of Cardinals actually live in New Rome, and there, they oversee The Church’s functions and finances. There are also Cardinals who serve abroad. There is one Cardinal for each System Lord, they serve as an advisor, and as the voice of The Church in their System Lord’s court. There is one Cardinal on each Cathedral Station, where they serve as administrator of all of the Cathedral’s activities; this Cardinal is always a member of the Order of Gatekeepers.

The College of Bishops
The College of Bishops are the middle management of The Roman Curia. They serve all manner of positions within The Church, where a leader is needed, and a Cardinal’s time is not worth spending on it. They can be found serving as secretaries to Cardinals, financial Auditors, Commanders of military units, or advisors to Captains of Industry. While there are several hundred Cardinals, there are hundreds of thousands of Bishops that serve The Church.

The Swiss Guard
The Swiss Guard are the military arm of The Church. They are further divided into various orders, based on their purpose within The Churches Hierarchy. They have no major leadership within their own ranks, and are instead lead by Bishops of War. The higher ranks of The Swiss Guard are instead similar to that of the Non-Commissioned Officers within secular armies.

The Nuns of New Rome
Nuns in general are the female members of The Church, that have given up their secular lives and instead are “married” to The Church. The Nuns of New Rome in particular are considered the most faithful and devoted of all Nuns within The Church. Most of New Rome’s Nuns were born and raised on New Rome, but some are occasionally picked from amongst the orders within the other systems. Nuns serve in all manner of positions within The Church, from trusted confidant to the men of The Roman Curia, to pot scrubber in a Swiss Guard outpost.

Roman Curia

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