Raymond Carter

Raymond Carter is a human male that operates as a Fixer on the Tortuga System. Carter is a complete scoundrel, if you ever think that you got a good deal out of him, then count your fingers, toes and relatives, because one of those counts is going to come up short. Carter isn’t a completely horrible guy, he’s just guaranteed to try and squeeze every last penny he can from every deal he makes.

The rumors say that Carter was a confidence man at one time, but that he scored on one too many scams, and is now wanted in every system except Tortuga. He makes his current living by finding buyers, sellers, jobs and problem solvers, then matching up the right asset with the right need, and taking a percentage at every step.

If you need work, a gun, an extra man for the team, or hell just somewhere to sell the loot, call on Carter, it may not be the best deal, but he will get you what you want.

Carter is dead now. He was killed by Captain McIntyre, and the crew of The Run Around Sue.

Raymond Carter

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