High Prince Jean Francois Broussard

High Prince Jean-Francois Broussard is the Sytem Lord of Tortuga. He is also known as, King of Pirates, Corsair of The Battleground, and Defender of the Faith.

Broussard was born a noble of the Gallia System, but he renounced his title when his older brother was made King of the System. Broussard struck out on his own, bringing a substantial portion of wealth with him, and went in search of adventure. What he found was Piracy. He began to plunder minor space lanes and systems by bribing Church officials, but he always returned to Torutuga to sell his ill gotten gains to the fences there. At the time the Tortuga system was known as Hammond’s Rest, and was owned by the Pirate Aaron Hammond. Hammond’s Rest had become a thorn in the side of The Church, and came close to exile several times. Broussard approached The Church and offered to take care of the “Hammond” problem if they would give him the title of System Lord once he did. The Church agreed, and eventually Broussard was able to corner the Pirate King Hammond, and challenge him to a duel. Broussard won easily. After his victory he renamed the system after the Pirate Haven of Ancient Earth, and gave half of his plundered booty from Hammond’s personal coffers to The Church as a donation.

The Tortuga system epitomizes the concept of “wretched hive of scum and villainy”. The system is a gathering point for some of the most dreaded pirates and mercenaries in the galaxy. The Church only tolerates the system due to the almost unending bribes payed out by Broussard directly to The Churches coffers.

Broussard is a brutal leader, and he treats his Lower Class citizens like dirt. He is a monster in noble clothing, but The Church loves him for the constant stream of donations that he offers. Few people ever cross Broussard and live to talk about it, but his System is a haven to all if they have the money.

High Prince Jean Francois Broussard

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