The Economy of the Heaven’s Gate game setting is based mostly on a feudal system. Each System Lord rules over his own star system, and on rare occasions a few star systems. He either organizes the agricultural, industrial, and mining rights of his system; leases them to corporations; or a combination of the two. This system of industry relies heavily on large manual labor, and that labor pool is also controlled by the System Lord.

Most of the Galaxy functions economically on the trade of resources and manufactured goods. Very few systems have absolutely everything that they need in their system, and thus all pay the taxes associated with Gate Travel, from which the Church derives most of its great fortune. The Church also collects various forms of taxes for the privilege of war, marriage, birth, anointing of System Lords, and, of course, donations from the people.

Large Interstellar Corporations provide for the organization of most economic projects, and typically bank roll many exploratory missions to newly discovered systems. These corporations usually owe some level of fealty to the system they were founded in, but most operate independent of the System Lords.

Most System Lords print their own form of currency, but the most commonly accepted form of cash is The Papal Credit, often called Papes or Creds in the slang vernacular.


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