Heaven's Gate

November 1st, 2009 Session

You are responsible for what you bring here.

The Twenty Sixth Day of June in the Two Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty Second Year of our Lord.

When the session opened the team was enjoying the payday from their most recent run between Tortuga, and Nippon. Over the previous three weeks the team had made numerous shipping runs in service to Hanzo Sakurai, and the Green Lotus Clan. The runs had gone quite smoothly, and thanks to the party’s efforts, the new drug lords of Tortuga had become well entrenched.

The party was feeling good about their latest ventures, as they were enjoying a drink at The Snake Pit, when a local “cop” came in looking for Captain McIntyre. The officer delivered a message to McIntyre that he was to attend a party at High Prince Broussard’s Estate. The invitation allowed for McIntyre and four guests. The Captain brought Boma, Seif, and Maria.

Broussard’s Estate was palatial in scope, and the trees, grass and animals that made up his gardens, easily required more water and good soil than was available in all of the Labor Enclaves on the entire moon. The dinner was nice, but the company was made of some of the nastier pirate lords to call Tortuga home; the nastiest of which was Broussard himself.

While there McIntyre is asked to present himself to the High Prince. Honoring the request, McIntyre, Boma, Seif, and Maria go into one of Broussard’s reception chambers. Broussard proves to be quite charming, and the meeting is fairly cordial. During the meeting Broussard reveals that he knows of the crew of The Sue’s involvement in the death of Carter. While the High Prince is not against Carter’s death, he is angered by the fact that he was not counseled before the lord of Tortuga’s Drug Trade was eliminated. It seemed that Carter had been paying an ample kickback to Broussard, and that since his death, the High Prince had not been receiving his cut of the Drug Trade. Broussard also made it known, that he blamed McIntyre directly for the situation. He demanded that McIntyre fetch the new Drug Ring’s chief representative, and bring him before the System Lord.

McIntyre immediately went to see Jack Murphy who serves as Sakurai’s right hand in Tortuga. Murphy quickly cleared his schedule, and made arrangements to meet with the High Prince. The meeting was back at the Estate, and McIntyre brought Murphy, and made the introductions. Murphy along with two of his guards went in to see Broussard, while McIntyre and his crew waited outside.

Murphy came out of the meeting with a black eye, and both of his guards were dead, but despite that, Murphy calmly stated that the meeting had gone very well. Murphy simply needed to get Broussard his cut of the action as quickly as possible. That cut would be ₱4,000,000, and Jack would look to his favorite delivery man, Captain McIntyre, to go to Nippon and get it for him. Murphy offered McIntyre a flight fee of 10% of the amount they would be transporting. The Captain accepted, and within a few hours the crew was bound for Nippon.

The flight went fairly well. They made it to Nippon with no problems, and were asked by Sakurai to also bring some Product back with them on the return journey. The only snag in the flight occurred once they were back in Tortuga Space, while in the no-man’s-land between the Gate, and the Tortuga moon. They were jumped by two Pirate ships.

McIntyre recognized the leader of the pirates as one of the men who had attended the High Prince’s party. The Pirate Lord immediately demanded for the team to heave to, and prepare to be boarded. Seeing the armaments on the two ships, McIntyre realized that he could not run, and that he could not fight this enemy. He announced his surrender, and hoped that he could outwit this enemy once they were on-board his ship.

One of the pirate vessels docked with The Sue, and a small boarding party of seven men came into the storage hold to take the ship’s cargo. McIntyre, Boma, Seif, Gabby, and Smith, all waited on the catwalks above the far end of the hold, while the pirates entered to inspect the cargo.

Once enough of the pirates were on the deck plates, that Gabby had previously booby trapped, Captain McIntyre triggered a massive dose of electrical current into the plates, and into the pirates that were standing on them. Most of them were shaken or knocked out by the blast, and after the trap was sprung the party immediately jumped the boarders.

The battle was quick decisive and completely one-sided. The party’s initial trap was damaging enough, that they were able to pick apart the survivors relatively quickly. The only problem was that once these pirates were down, the party had another ship-full of them to contend with on the other side of their airlock, not to mention the second ship that was doing slow orbits of the docked pair.

McIntyre ordered Gabby up to the airlock, to try and fight off the pirate ships attempts to disengage the airlocks, and break free. While Gabby kept the airlocks open, Seif, Boma, and McIntyre all slipped through the ‘locks, and boarded the pirate ship. The pirate ship’s first hold was a split tunnel leading deeper into the ship. Seif went one direction, with Boma, and McIntyre going the other way. To be safe, McIntyre called Smith forward to at least board the pirate ship, and be ready to provide medical aid.

Boma and McIntyre were able to shoot and slice their way through the first few guards they saw, and at the end of the hall, they found the entrance to the main hold. The main hold had several crates piled-up as barriers, and cover for the half-dozen pirates defending the area. Boma started shooting into them, while McIntyre moved forward to tie them up in hand-to-hand.

Back in the tunnel with Seif. The Arab was moving through his opponents as quickly as he could; tying them up with close combat, and then cutting them down one by one. By the time he finished off his opponents, and could move forward to the main hold, Boma, and McIntyre had gained the upper hand. Seizing the advantage, Seif moved in from behind, and helped to eliminate the remaining opponents.

Boma, Smith, and Seif created a barrier from the crates in front of the hatch leading to the rest of the ship, while McIntyre examined the two additional hatches on either side of the hold that read “Gun Well” above them. Not being an expert in ship’s guns, McIntyre called Gabby up to help. To keep the airlock open, Seif and Boma wedged a couple of the crates in the doorway to keep it open, so Gabby could go help the Captain.

McIntyre moved into the controls of one of the Ship’s Gauss Cannon turrets, and, with a little advice from Gabby, was able to get the system on-line. It took a few shots, but eventually McIntyre was able to place a crippling shot into the second Pirate ship, causing it to veer away from the encounter, and head to the safety of the nearby asteroid field. Buoyed by his success here, McIntyre sent Gabby to the other Gun Well, to bring that system up as well.

Back in the cargo hold, Boma, and Seif were forced to contend with another group of pirates. After opening the main hatch, the pirates lit into Boma with their Assault Rifles. Even with the advantage of cover, Boma was brought down by a hail of fire, and rendered unconscious. Seif was able to keep the pirates busy while McIntyre fired his cannon at the pirate ship’s own engines. The explosion rocked the ship, and caused a panic in her crew. Seizing this advantage, McIntyre, and Seif cut down a few more pirates, forcing the remaining crew to close down the door between the main hold, and the crew section.

Gabby took advantage of the distractions, and fired his gun on the ship’s remaining engine, then setup an overload of the gauss coils on the gun, that he promised would make for quite the big boom, when they went off. The Captain ordered the retreat, and the team scooped up a still ailing Boma, and got off of the ship as quickly as possible.

As they fled from the crippled pirate ship, they were treated to the view of its gun overloading, and shattering the ship into millions of pieces. With the battle behind them the crew made a run for the Tortuga moon, and got to the relative safety of her Star Dock.

Smith was able to get Boma back up and running, albeit with a wounded arm that would need time to heal. The rest of the crew’s minor wounds were much more treatable, and they were able to meet with Murphy and his men to exchange the cash and the product.

The session closed with the team having settled their “debt” to High Prince Broussard, and having made a nice payday as well.

The First Day of July in the Two Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty Second Year of our Lord.



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