Heaven's Gate

January 23rd, 2010 Session
Prison Break, with Special Guest Star

The Fourth Day of August in the Two Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty Second Year of our Lord.

The session opened with the team speeding away from an exploding Cathedral Station in the Wake System.

As the team celebrated their victory over The Church, and rescue of Maria, Gabby wondered aloud about how they would find the Gondar System. The other prisoner the team had rescued overheard this, and told the team that he knew where the Gondar System was, because he had been there. McIntyre was suspicious of the man, but having no other leads, he introduced the team, and asked the man his name.

Jake Spartan,” he said. Spartan then proceeded to explain that he had been on the system, and knew it well enough to describe it to them. When the Captain pressed Spartan about how he knew so much about a Church prison world, Spartan explained that he had done some bad things, and had spent quite some time there.

After Spartan’s description of the system, Sue was able to identify it on the Star Charts, and used an Observers name for the world in that race’s flute sound language. Spartan asked one favor for the information: that he be allowed to accompany the team on their mission, because he still had “Unfinished business” left on that world.

The team took off for New Mecca to talk to the Imam, and get resupplied for the mission. When the arrived, they grilled Spartan about the System. Spartan let them know some basics about the systems defenses, which were minimal, and told them that there were approximately thirty Muslims on the planet. The ship would need a lot more Stasis Pods, but the Imam was able to arrange for those.

The party recruited a few more troops from those men loyal to the Imam, and immediately set off for Gondar. Upon arrival in the system, the crew floated around cloaked while they planned their eventual assault. It seemed that Gondar’s only real defenses were based around the idea that The Church had complete control over travel to the system. The Gondar planet was apparently a Methane Ice covered rock, that was stuck on a massive orbit around a binary star. With a completely unbreathable atmosphere on the surface, the underground prison had little need for external security as well. The Church’s designs were based entirely on keeping people in the prison, not keeping them out.

With Spartan’s advice, the team decided to capture a shuttle that was in transit to the planet from the Cathedral Station. McIntyre took the controls, and guided The Run Around Sue into a docking position with the shuttle, and forcibly attached her to the Prison Shuttle. The team quickly set charges on the shuttle’s access door, and blasted their way in. Backed up by their Arab troops, the team made short work of the five-man command crew, and captured the ship.

The team checked the shuttle’s prisoner manifests, and found that there were five prisoner’s on-board. Going for the “enemy of my enemy” angle, McIntyre asked Boma to identify the prisoners.

Two of the men were Japanese Crime Syndicate men which turned out to be Green Lotus Clan. They immediately signed up to help, having already heard of the team’s exploits.

Two of the remaining three men were religious prisoners, convicted of trying to spread the Buddhist faith. One of them asked not to be involved, and was transferred to the Sue. The other, while a pacifist, was still willing to help.

The remaining man turned out to be a serial killer, and the team decided it would be best just to Space him.

Eventually the team settled into a plan of having McIntyre, Boma, Spartan, and the two Yakuza replace the command crew of the shuttle, and then bring Seif, the buddhist, and the Arab troops onto the planet as prisoners. Spartan immediately rejected this idea, claiming that he would rather be dead then wear one of The Church’s uniforms. So the Buddhist, and Spartan traded places.

Gabby, Sue, and the remaining Buddhist stayed on board the Sue, and waited in orbit.

Boma faked a new prisoner manifest, and crew ids; and with that done, the team set off. They had no problems landing on the world, and everything seemed to be going perfect. With the Prison’s guards on-board the ship, the team started to hand-off their “prisoners.” Things were running smooth until the guards got to Spartan. When they opened his pod, and started to remove him, the Prison Guards were quite startled, and started to comment about him. They recognized Spartan, and expressed surprise that they were seeing him back here again. They seemed to be enjoying the process of teasing Spartan, about his doom in returning, and when McIntyre asked why, Spartan lunged out of his pod, and wrapped his manacles around the Guard’s neck, choking him before he could answer.

McIntyre was very pissed about the sudden deviation from the plan, and at his signal, the two Yakuzas started hitting Spartan with their Shock Batons. Once Spartan was subdued, the Guards quickly brought in a stretcher with built-in restraints, and removed Spartan in a more forceful manner.

McIntyre, Boma, and their fellow fake Shuttle Crew members were assigned bunks at the prison, and were escorted around to see how the system was run. The prison had several levels, most being for prisoner habitats, with a few dedicated to the factories the prisoners worked in, and the systems that maintained water, food, and air processing. Two of the prisoner habitat levels were for women, with the rest for men. The Guards even had some deals worked out with the female prisoners on one of the levels, where the guards received sexual favors in return for extra privileges.

Seif and the Arabs were processed, and sent to general population, where they quickly hooked up with the other Arabic prisoners, who had formed a gang in one section of the prison. They tried to get the word to their leader, that they were planning a prison break, but the old man wrote Seif’s statements off as the pitiful hopes of a fellow condemned man.

Spartan was sent off to sit and cool off in solitary confinement. Once McIntyre had some free time with the guard that Spartan had choked, he inquired further about Spartan’s past. The guard explained that Spartan used to be the Head Guard on Gondar, but he was arrested when he got one of the female inmates pregnant. It turned out that the woman he impregnated was an Arab, and The Church was angry not just about his improprieties with a prisoner, but also the fact that she was a heretic. Spartan was stripped of his position, and was sent off world to be tried for his crime.

Given how well the last “Former Church” employee’s time of service under McIntyre’s employ had gone, the Captain was not happy with the current situation. McIntyre asked the Head Guard, if he could get a chance to have a private one-on-one with Spartan. The Guard took a small amount of cash from McIntyre, and arranged a session in an interview room, that had “faulty” cameras. Once they were alone together, McIntyre got the full story from Spartan, and although angry about the deception, McIntyre could see that Jake had no love for The Church.

McIntyre and the crew would use the interview room several more times in the coming days to get Wall-to-Wall counseling time for Seif and Spartan; all under the excuse, that the two had been unruly prisoners on-board the Cathedral Station, and they wanted payback. With the ability to covertly communicate with their allies the team set about a plan of breaking the Arabic population out of the Prison. McIntyre was also able to help Seif prove to the Arabic leader, that there was outside help available to the prisoners, for their jail break. The leader would even be able to get word to the few Muslim women in the prison during his prayer services that he conducted on their floor.

Boma found a painting work assignment, that would bring eight prisoners upstairs, and McIntyre put in a request to have several prisoners brought up to assist with the repairs of the damaged shuttle door. Boma then hacked the prisons computer network, and changed the duty rosters to have only Seif, and several Arabic men on them.

With the additional manpower coming up from below, the team positioned themselves for maximum effect. Their planned covert attack would simultaneously paralyze several key systems, allowing the team, and all of the Arab prisoners to slip onto the Prison Shuttle, and escape.

Boma started things off, by assassinating the two guards in the Prison’s Hangar Control room, and then hacking the computer systems from there to act as Eyes and Ears for the team.

Then McIntyre, and Spartan who were acting under the guise of having an “interview” session, slipped out of their interview room to attack the guard station at the prison’s elevator. There attack did not go as well as planned. McIntyre needed several tries to shoot the heavily armored Guard that manned the station, and before he could kill the man, the guard triggered a base alarm. When the Head Guard called up to Prison Control, Boma routed the call to McIntyre instead, and McIntyre conned the Guard Chief into believing one of the men had a weapons malfunction, and accidentally set off the warning systems. Boma then killed the base alarm, and the Yakuzas got the Arabic Work Details armed and armored.

Feeling like his old self again, with his blade back at his side, Seif took several men into the Prison Guard’s areas, and fought their way to the Elevator. With a small army of men to guard the elevator post, McIntyre, Seif, and Spartan went below to gather the remaining Arabic prisoners.

With only two men in the little control rooms that access the elevator on each floor, the three men had no problem taking out the guards on the habitat level containing the Arabic men. The old Muslim leader had done well, and had his flock gathered close to the doors, when McIntyre and his team arrived. With only a few shots fired, the team was able to get the prisoners into the elevator, and back up to the main floor. They quickly went back down, and did the same on the women’s level, where Spartan was reunited with his lover, and their son.

The team had a few more minor scraps with the harried and panicked Guards before they made it to the Shuttle, but soon everyone but Boma was on-board. Boma sent the ship up to the surface, and then donned an armored Spacesuit, and fought his way to an access hatch, that lead to the surface.

The team picked up Boma once he was top-side, and fled to orbit to link up with the Sue. Once every on was on-board, Sue set course, and flew them all to New Mecca. The Imam offered to find a hide-away on the planet for Spartan and his family (Provided he would convert, and marry the mother of his child). The team was payed well, and celebrated another victory against The Church.

As the session closed, the team wondered what their next adventure would be. Several of their accounts were settled now, but the team pondered what new debts they had brought into their lives with the actions they had taken against The Church, and the lingering mystery about the girl named Sue.

The Thirteenth Day of August in the Two Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty Second Year of our Lord.

January 16th, 2010 Session
Settling accounts with Agent Smith

The Twenty Sixth Day of July in the Two Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty Second Year of our Lord.

As the session opened the team was headed for the Spaceport. They had scooped up the one fallen Islamic soldier, and Boma assured the team that he would survive, provided they could get him in a Stasis Pod as soon as possible.

As soon as the crew were on board, they made way to New Mecca, and dropped off their cargo. With that completed the team made their way for Nippon, and their date with Smith.

In Nippon, the team made a quick contact with the Green Lotus Clan, and assured their rights to privately deal with the “Smith” situation.

Smith arrived in system with the another one of Jack’s crews. Seif did his Arab Ninja thing, and snuck in behind Smith, placing his blade on Smith’s neck. With no resistance offered, Smith was taken back to The Run Around Sue. On board the Sue Smith was “interviewed” by McIntyre with the aid of some pliers, and Smith’s growing lack of fingernails. While he resisted some, Smith eventually coughed up the location of Maria (on the Wake System), and even the name of a prison world (Gondar). Wanting to get some equal justice, the team took Smith to Hell, and dropped him off there as just compensation for his role in their stranding weeks ago.

The team set off again, this time for New Mecca to secure some help from the Imam and their assault against the Cathedral Station at Wake. On New Mecca, Imam Al Din found several Arab soldiers, and an explosives specialist to assist the crew of the Sue in their assault. The team then sped off to Wake, and their date with the Cathedral Station.

In Wake, the team stealthed their way into the station, and sent their boarding crew into her depths to find Maria. Several firefights broke out, and the team was forced to split their team. Captain Mcintyre, Boma, and three of the Arabic soldiers went towards the Prison Level; while Seif, the Demolitions Specialist, and the remaining three Arabs went towards the reactor core.

Barry and his team were able to plow their way through the meager defenses on the station, but Seif and his team were forced to suffer minor losses. Eventually both teams made it to their respective targets, and there they encountered their stiffest resistance.

At the Prison Level, McIntyre’s squad got caught in a fire fight with the prison guards, and were able to handle the regular guards, but the Prison Sergeant turned out to be a tough cookie, and held them off for a bit before he was brought down. After fighting through the Sergeant, McIntyre started opening cells, rescuing one civilian, and eventually finding Maria.

Meanwhile Seif and his team were able to fight a bloody battle in the Reactor core, and got the Explosives expert to the control panel, so he could set up his bomb. The expert performed as advertised, and quickly set and secured the explosives that would spell the doom of the Wake station.

At this point, it seemed that all the team needed now was an easy escape, and then a victory dance. On the way back to the ship, the team unfortunately ran into the Church’s dance team, who had their own jig planned.

Swinging around the last corner before the docking bay, the team found twenty soldiers from The Swiss Guard, lined up in a triple file across the corridor. The remaining Arab soldiers attempted a suicide run at the Swiss, but were cut down before they could get to the defenders. Just as all hope seemed gone, a wash of flame rushed into the corridor from behind the Swiss, incinerating the soldiers. As the smoke and flame cleared, the Sue materialized out from under her cloak, and spun around to load in the team.

As the session closed the team was speeding away from the station, while watching it explode.

The Fourth Day of August in the Two Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty Second Year of our Lord.

January 9th, 2010 Session
Oh, the places we shall go.

The Twenty First Day of July in the Two Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty Second Year of our Lord.

When the session opened the team was left feeling directionless. They were hesitant to approach the idea of getting back to their old way of life. Concerns about the eyes of The Church, caused them to feel like they would be noticed if they attempted to continue business as usual.

Eventually the team decided to see if Seif’s Father if he had any work for them. Excited by the prospect, the Imam mentioned their need to shuttle specific people back to New Mecca. These were men that had left the system, and were now trapped by Church law to not return. The Imam was willing to pay well for the return of certain men, and wanted the team to eventually even help break men out of prisons, to be brought home. The work sounded promising and interesting, so a deal was quickly struck to transport six men back to New Mecca in the next few days from Tortuga.

The team went to the pirate system, and went to their old stomping ground The Snake Pit. McIntyre played some cards with some fellow captains, and heard that Smith had passed through. Jack confirmed this for them, and told them that he had acquired an associate of Smith’s, that he believed was also working for the Sissies. Jack offered to allow McIntyre and the crew an opportunity to “Interview” the man, but they trusted Jack’s specialists to get all of the information they could out of him.

The team decided to try and get Smith, but he had already left system with another captain and crew that were working with Green Lotus Clan. Working with Jack, the team decided they would attempt to intercept Smith on Nippon. With a plan in place, that could not be executed for at least another week, the team proceeded to try and complete their current job as quickly as possible.

The team went to the restaurant where they were to meet their passengers. The team got a booth, and waited for a bit. One of the men they were to meet walked up to their booth, and told them that one of the passengers had been tailed by Church Agents. He revealed that all six passengers were present, but that the agents were watching one of them.

The team decided to go for the direct approach, and they sent Seif close to the Agent’s booth. As soon as Seif was in position, McIntyre and Boma stood up and started shooting the Agents. At that point, all hell broke loose. Boma did his usual work of picking out targets, and riddling them with rounds from his pistols, while Seif tied up his target with his flashy blade work. McIntyre, meanwhile, selected individual targets, putting each down with head-shot after head-shot.

Halfway through the battle, more Agents entered the restaurant, and the team was forced to engage on two fronts. The six Muslim passengers joined in though, and within a short time, the team and their allies had dispatched all of the Agents, while only losing one of their prospective passengers.

As the session closed the team was headed for the Spaceport, to board The Run Around Sue, and head for New Mecca.

The Twenty Sixth Day of July in the Two Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty Second Year of our Lord.

November 14th, 2009 Session
A girl named Sue

The Seventh Day of July in the Two Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty Second Year of our Lord.

When the session opened the party was making their way across the desert landscape of the world they had been stranded on. None of the team had any direct training on desert survival, but Seif at least remembered stories from his childhood regarding the settlers trials in the early days colonizing New Mecca. With Seif’s guidance the team traveled at night, and camped during the day.

The going was fairly arduous, but the party did well during their journey. The only real items of interest to the team was the periodic appearance of flashes of light on the horizon, looking like reflections off of shiny objects, to the right of their travel path. The reflections seemed to be traveling away from the outcropping of rocks the team was headed towards. Captain McIntyre decided not to investigate them since they appeared to far away, and would cost the team too much of Mendoza’s limited time. Later that day, Boma saw more flashes of light on the horizon, these were even bigger, and were headed towards the outcropping this time.

The party pushed ahead, and after three of this systems days of travel, they reached the outcropping itself. When the team got close enough, they saw a large metal plate recessed into the wall of the rocky cliff face; the wall measured some 500 yards long, and at least 60 feet high. In the center of the wall, the team could make out what appeared to be hangar doors measuring 150 feet long, and 50 feet high. The team also spotted what appeared to be a massive path of disturbed sand leading up to the center of the hangar doors.

The team made for the doors, once they had spotted a man sized service door in the wall as well. As they crossed the sands, they were disturbed to note the appearance of man-sized objects moving beneath the sand towards them. When the objects got within 100 feet of the team, they burst onto the surface revealing themselves to be another form of the humanoid tentacle creatures the team had encountered in the Wake System.

The creatures were slightly different from the kind they had fought before, showing no signs of having ever been human. They looked more like a cross between man and shark; possessing a shiny black skin, that must have eased their passage through the sand. The team fought the creatures off, with Boma’s twin pistols wreaking havoc on the enemies assault. The party was dismayed though, when they could hear the creatures inhuman screeching being echoed by more of their kind in the area. McIntyre and Boma laid down fire on the seemingly endless waves of the creatures, while Seif tried his hand at opening the alien lock on the door. Gabby even took his over-sized wrench to a couple of the creatures when they got too close for comfort, and began to swarm Boma. Seif managed to crack the locking system opening the door, and letting the team into the alien structure.

As soon as the team was inside, the chamber lit up revealing a massive hangar bay containing the hulks off several very alien spacecraft. Gabby and Boma set to searching the hulks for parts, while Seif and McIntyre checked out the end of the large drag marks they had seen outside of the hangar doors. The path ended at a huge section of the metal floor, that was completely free of dust. The section appeared to be the top of a deck elevator, like the kind used in some hangars to lower a spacecraft below a flight deck, into a storage or repair center. Even the lights in this place were alien in nature, appearing to be globes of light, that just hovered in the air near the ceiling. In the back wall of the hangar, there were windows, that appeared to look in on some kind of Control Center.

McIntyre and Seif moved off to investigate the door closest to the Control Center. Seif made short work of the door controls, letting the two of them into a hallway. As soon as they entered, the hall was light up by more of the strange light globes. The two started down the hall, but stopped when two robots came around the corner to confront them. The machines hovered off of the ground, and while thin and near to child-sized, their two arms ended in what appeared to be the tubes of some kind of weapons. The machines made noises at the Captain and Seif that sounded more like flute music than anything else. When neither of the men responded the machines repeated themselves, and then gestured towards McIntyre and Seif with their weapon arms. McIntyre took a risk, and tried to whistle back at them, in a rough mimicry of the machines’ noises. The ploy worked, and the sentry robots moved off, leaving McIntyre and Seif in the hall.

The Captain and Seif entered the Control Center and were immediately confronted with the completely alien nature of the rooms controls and panels. The chairs seemed to be made for creatures very different from men, and they floated in the air, while panels and lights flickered all accompanied by the flute-like sounds of the alien language. Seif suddenly remembered where he had seen these kinds of panels before; the pictures from the investigation of Cydonia in history books. The two concluded that this place must be some sort of remains of The Observer’s civilization. While the history lesson was all very interesting to the Captain, what mattered to him was where the power was coming from, and when he said as much, he was rewarded by the flute-language briefly pausing, and a female voice saying “Power.”

McIntyre tried to call out to the voice to ask for help with power and parts for his ship, to which the voice only responded by repeating “Help. Power. Parts. Ship.” Slightly frustrated, the Captain tried varying his delivery, and was only relieved when the voice said “Yes. Come. Help. Ship.”, and then the door to the Control Center opened, and a cluster of light globes waited outside.

McIntyre quickly called Boma and Gabby, and had them join him and Seif. When the whole team was back together, they followed the globes down the hallway, and through several turns in the maze-like complex.

One of the turns took them to a door, behind which the sounds of battle could be heard. When the doors opened the team was confronted with the sight of a battle between several of the Ink creatures, and a few of the Sentry Bots. The battle must have been going on for sometime as evidenced by the many bodies on the Ink creatures side, and the many plates welded into the shape of barricades on either side. The team would have to run the gauntlet between the two sides, who were exchanging fire with some kind of energy weapons. Forgoing any real attempts to engage either side, the party settled for a hand grenade, and a few pot shots to weaken the Ink side, while they ran across. They were rewarded for the efforts with energy fire from both sides. Only Boma was seriously affected by the confrontation, when some stray fire lit across his armor, rattling him, and forcing him to duck and low crawl through the crossfire.

After escaping the firefight, the team continued to follow the light globes, eventually descending some stairs, and confronting another one of the massive, tentacled, Ink-Bulls they had fought back in Wake. This time they were backed up by a few more of the Sentry Bots, who while easy pickings for the creature, were able to at least last a bit longer than the pack of engineers the team had used as “ablative armor” last time. This creature acted a bit differently as well. It used its tentacles to attack, and crush its enemies, but it also made odd guttural sounds, that sounded language-like, and when it combined these with patterned motions of its tentacles, it produced bolts of black energy, that it used to attack its foes. Anything struck by the bolts, went through a rapid entropic aging effect, that turned robots into piles of rust, and seemed to sap the life energy of the party members who were struck. The team did much better than the robots, with the entire group surviving the battle, and only the Captain, and Boma sustaining any injuries. Seif was the one to strike the killing blow on the creature, by insanely charging the beast, and fighting it hand-to-hand. Seif’s final strike was piercing thrust into the central mass of tentacles, destroying a nerve cluster, and dropping the creature. The team quickly fled the room and pressed on, especially once the creature started showing signs of healing from its injuries.

The next set of doors led the party out on to a catwalk above a massive factory floor that’s automated processes were producing more of the Sentry Bots, at a rather alarming rate. The globes did not stop in the room, but instead quickly led them to a doorway. When this final door was opened, the team was greeted by a dark room. Boma used his NVGs to identify a room with a massive object that sat too close to the small entrance, to fully make out. Seif grabbed a light globe, and forced it into the room. McIntyre immediately recognized the hull of his beloved Run Around Sue.

As the team entered the room, they were amazed to not only find the Run Around Sue, but to find her looking like she just rolled off of the factory floor. All of her markings were there, but none of the dents, nicks, or scrapes that she had even before the crash. As the team started to walk around the ship, McIntyre heard a woman’s voice call from within the ship.


McIntyre climbed into the ship through the rear hold, and heard the voice call again from up on the catwalk. As he walked deeper into the immaculate hold, he heard footsteps echo down the walkway. Looking up he saw a woman from his past. He was shocked, to say the least, and when he called her Molly, she corrected him, and said, “No, silly! I’m Sue.” Confused by the statement, McIntyre asked if she was the ship, and the woman said that she was not, that the ship was the Run Around Sue, and she was Sue. The poor Captain was further perplexed when the woman hugged him, and told him that she loved him, and then insisted that he loved her too.

McIntyre asked if this was his ship, and if she could fly; to which Sue said yes on both counts. Gabby asked about Mendoza, and Sue pointed towards his Stasis Pod. When Gabby looked in on Mendoza though, he was so shocked by the sight, that he threw up, and fell to one knee. The rest of the crew checked to see what was so shocking, and when they did they were equally horrified.

“Mendoza” was reduced to a pulsating mass of flesh inside the Stasis Pod. Many of his organs were suspended from wiring, and laid exposed to the air inside the pod. His skin was stretched over computer components, and he seemed to be integrated into the Pod’s controls, and life support systems. What was most horrifying was the sight of all of the parts functioning, to include a heart beat, and the gradual whisper of breathing. Shocked the team asked if Mendoza was still alive, and Sue assured them that he was.

McIntyre decided to table the discussion for now, and ran to the cockpit to try and get the ship off of the ground. When he got to the cockpit, it looked exactly as he remembered it, except that every piece gleamed as if new. McIntyre started to prep the ship, but as he did, Sue came in and told him that he was in the wrong chair, that she was the pilot. McIntyre gave up the seat, and Sue began to prep the ship for take-off. As the Captain watched her movements, he noticed that some of the switches, and indicators changed as she reached out to them, without ever actually making contact. She eventually turned to the Captain, and asked him if she should contact the tower, and have the ship moved into the hangar for launch. McIntyre played along, and told her yes. Sue then reached for the comms, and then spoke in the flute-language. Something spoke back, and the ship rose into the hangar, on the elevator they had seen earlier. She then lifted off as the doors opened, and a wave of the creatures surged into the bay.

As the ship slid forward, the creatures were struck down or smashed aside by an unseen force a few meters off the surface of the ships hull, and as each was knocked aside, a crack of electricity would appear like a giant bug-zapper. Soon the ship had rocketed into orbit around the system, and the team found themselves free of their prison once more.

Away from the planet’s surface, and the threat of the Ink beasts, the team confronted their new crew member. Sue was evasive of statements that questioned her origins, or her connection with the crew, but was happy to say that the ship was ready to travel. The crew tried to listen to the Cathedral Station for this system, but the Swiss Guard there were speaking in Latin. McIntyre asked Sue if she spoke Latin, so she cocked her head to the side for a few moments like a dog, then said yes, and translated for the team. She told them that the Station had detected unusual energy signatures coming from the planet, and inquired about scrambling fighters, but decided not to.

McIntyre had Gabby check the engine, but when he showed the engine compartment to the Captain, McIntyre could not begin to recognize what he was seeing. The Engine compartment now held a glowing ball of light, around which orbited numerous metallic spheres, and even a few other balls of energy. Sue told them that it was the engine the ship had always had, a “Singularity Fusion Drive.” Needless to say, Gabby knew that this was not his beloved engine, and had no idea what to do with it.

The team also started discussing how they would leave the system without the churches help to navigate Gate Space. Sue laughed, and told them that they would all climb in their Stasis Pods, and once they were secure, she would engage the cloak, and open the gate herself, she simply needed to know where they wanted to go. Slack jawed, McIntyre asked Sue if the ship now had a way to make itself invisible, and if she could navigate Gate Space without being Awestruck. She smiled and said, “Yes.” McIntyre had Sue lay in a course for Tortuga, and the crew went to their pods.

Once in Tortuga, McIntyre, Boma, and Seif went to see Jack Murphy to tell him about the failed mission to Wake, and also a limited amount about what happened to them afterwards. While McIntyre did not give the details about Sue, he did tell Jack that he had a way around The Church, when it came to getting through the Gates. Jack seemed skeptical about the whole situation, but he did believe that McIntyre was at least telling the truth about the Ink Supply Depot. He told McIntyre that he would need time, and the consultation of the bosses back in Nippon before he could make any decisions. Jack thanked McIntyre for tipping him to The Church’s interests in his operations, and promised to relay any information he received about Smith or Maria. Jack let the team know, that no work would be available until he had time to sort out McIntyre’s story. McIntyre went to the bar to tell the bartender that a reward would be paid for any information about Smith.

The team had just started to have a couple much needed drinks, when they received a call from Gabby; who had stayed behind with Sue so he could try and learn from her how the ship’s engines worked. Gabby sounded a little shaken over the comm line, and told the Captain, that he needed to get back ASAP, since Sue had just killed some one.

The team rushed back to find the Tortuga Police camping the entrance to their docking slip. When they arrived McIntyre confronted the officer in charge, and learned that Sue had killed two technicians on-board the ship. McIntyre was eventually able to bribe the officer to look the other way, as long as the ship and her crew left. Since it is Tortuga, this was a good offer to the officer, and he told McIntyre to stay away for a couple weeks.

Back on board the ship, McIntyre and crew found Sue standing in the hold smiling like nothing had happened, with one of her arms completely covered in blood, and two men, one headless, dead on the floor. Gabby explained that the two men came on-board, and then one of the men made a slightly lewd suggestion to his friend causing Sue to snap, and slap one mans head off, and break the other one’s neck. Sue thought this was all well and fine, since they were clearly bad men, but eventually the Captain was able to convince her that there would be no killing, unless the Captain said it was OK first. Sue smiled and said, “OK, Barry.”

The team slipped to another system for a bit, and tried to stew on there next step. While they were in hiding, Boma worked on the ship’s computer systems, trying to understand if there was anything left of Mendoza. Eventually Boma found a rather large computer file, that had some kind of audio component to it. When Boma played the audio file, he was treated to the sound of Mendoza’s voice caught in a constant blood curdling scream. Once he revealed that to the Captain, the team elected to turn off Mendoza’s life support, and make plans to bury his remains on the next world they went to.

The team debated their next step, and they eventually decided to put some distance between them and The Church. They went to New Mecca. Seif had them land in the open desert waste first, and there the buried Mendoza. Sue started to follow them to the burial, but as she started to step away from the ship, she suddenly went blank, turned around, and went back to the ship without another word. The team gave Mendoza a proper funeral, and returned to the ship. When they got back, they found Sue sitting in a chair in the main hold, staring blankly. Within moments of their return, she jumped up, and acted as if nothing happened.

Seif took the team to the town where he grew up. They docked at a Space Dock there, and went to see Seif’s family. Shocked, and amazed by his son’s return Seif’s father, Imam Mansur al Din, arranged for the team to move there ship to his brother’s farm outside the city.

As the session closed the team was trying to decide what there next step might be. The thirst for revenge against Smith and The Church burned within them, but the need to figure out the “Sue” situation weighed heavily too.

The Twenty First Day of July in the Two Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty Second Year of our Lord.

November 7th, 2009 Session
The Source of the Ink

The First Day of July in the Two Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty Second Year of our Lord.

When the session opened the party was still dealing with the various consequences of their latest mission’s “Success.” Captain McIntyre had already handed ₱50,000 to Gabby, so he could start work on the overhaul of The Sue, which Gabby set off to do, with the glee of a schoolboy. Seif went to the bank to wire another ₱10,000 back to New Mecca. Mendoza disappeared into the bowels of Tortuga. Boma set out to find two new Auto-Pistols, to replace the ones that had been left on the pirate ship after he went down. Even Maria went into town to give some money to her sister.

With his crew taken care of, McIntyre went down to The Snake Pit to find a game of cards. The Captain had left instructions with Maria to have her come join him when she finished with her errands, and to have her wear something “Distracting.” The captain found his game, but at first things did not go to well for him. After a few hours of losing money, McIntyre’s Ace-in-the-Hole showed up: Maria wearing an evening gown that barely covered her, and left almost nothing to the imagination of McIntyre’s fellow gamblers. The next few hours went very well, as his opponents seemed to have something else on their minds.

Even Maria’s distracting appearance eventually wore off, but by the time it did, many of the other gamblers had left the game due to lack of funds. With only a couple of people left, one of the gamblers suggested raising the stakes, to make things more interesting. While at least one of the men at the table was a real pro, the other two were chumps, and thanks to a string of luck, McIntyre was well ahead, when the pro started talking about leaving. As he started to leave, he suggested that he could stay if the stakes were to raise again.

McIntyre accepted, and from that point forward the Captain started watching his winnings move back across the table. After another rough hand, where McIntyre was being taken for another big pot, he caught a glimpse of a man behind him at the bar through a reflection on some of Maria’s jewelry. As the next hand started to play out, he watched the man at the bar making subtle gestures that he read as signals to the pro he was gambling against.

The Captain confronted the Pro, by drawing his pistol, and demanding that the pro leave, and that he leave the winnings behind. The confrontation was heated, and both sides made veiled threats against each other, but at this point of the night, Seif had already come back from his trip to the bank, and was hanging out near the action. The Pro backed down, but he let McIntyre know that the score between them was not settled.

The man giving signals didn’t leave with the Pro, and when McIntyre suggested that he leave to, the guy tried to play it off, like he wasn’t involved. McIntyre told Seif to escort the man out, but when he did, the man made the last mistake of his life, by suggesting that he was not scared of a “Sand Nigger.” Seif ran his blade through the man’s chest, killing him on the spot.

The Captain made amends with the barkeep, by paying some money to “Clean up the mess,” and buying a round for the house. Right as McIntyre and crew were getting ready to leave, one of the men let him know that the pro was a dangerous mercenary named Texas Slim.

Boma, meanwhile, went out for a little shopping, and picked up some grenades, and four new customized Auto-Pistols to replace his last pair. The bill was rather large, but the extra cash he spent seemed to impress the dealer, and as a result, Boma found a new contact in Tortuga for getting quality firearms.

With some excitement under their collective belt, the team retired to the ship, and relaxed while Gabby continued the repairs of the Sue. The next morning, Jack Murphy came by to see them, and offer McIntyre and crew some more work. It turned out that Jack was desperately low on product, and needed some fast. Hanzo Sakurai was tapped out as well, so Murphy wanted the team to make a run to the Wake System to pickup a fresh batch. Noticing the extensive work that was being put into the ship, Jack offered to pay for the repairs, plus a little extra on top just to make it worth the team’s while. Smelling the Papes already, McIntyre accepted and the crew left by the end of the day.

When the team finally made it to the Wake System, they found a desolate Star System that was little more than surveyors, and early Mining Camps. The place they were going was a rogue moon, that hovered near the systems asteroid belt. Murphy had warned the team to not get to close without calling into the contact, since there were significant defenses in place, and possibly a mine field.

McIntyre hailed the moon, and was greeted by an Asian man that appeared nervous, but directed the ship to dock in a landing bay on the moon’s surface, once they had transmitted a coded signal, that Murphy provided earlier.

Mendoza navigated a path that the moon’s control center gave them. The path slipped them through a hole in the mine field, and once through, they landed in a Star Dock that was set in a cliff face on the moon. After they landed, the dock doors closed behind them, and the dock re-pressurized. McIntyre tried to get the moon’s crew to bring the cargo to them, but the contact refused, claiming that they needed to come to him.

Begrudgingly, the Captain took Boma, Seif, and Smith with him. They went through the first set of doors to a partially natural cavern, and down the tunnel. As the tunnel curved ahead, the characters noticed that the lighting for the tunnels was not on.

Boma pulled out a pair of Nightvision Goggles, that he had just bought while buying his new pistols, and moved ahead. Around the corner was a massive chamber with a large hole in the center of it. The hole appeared to go down for hundreds of feet. The chamber was also completely dark, so Boma switched on his active IR lighting on his goggles, and moved to wear a switch sat next to a door across the room.

As Boma moved, he heard movement off to one side of the chamber and called his friends ahead. McIntyre and Seif did their best to catch up, but with out light they were going to be useless in a fight. Boma started taking his last few steps towards the light switch, when two men wielding makeshift metal clubs ran at him from around some rocks on the far side of the room. Boma ran, dove and clicked the lights on.

With the chamber finally lit, the team moved in, and confronted their attackers. The fight was brief, with clean calm shots from the Captain killing both of the enemies. While they looked mostly human, Smith quickly identified that the men were twisted, featuring a double set of jaws with one set inside of the mouth, recessed behind the first. The creatures also had black blood, and Smith surmised that they might have been human once, but were now under some kind of effect brought on by the Ink.

Not spending to long next to the gaping hole, the party moved through the doors, and found signs of battle throughout the halls. It was obvious that there were more of those creatures in this facility, and that they had fought with the people here, or as Smith suggested, that they may have been the people here.

In the corridors, the party got jumped one more time, by a group of the things. This group was led by a creature, that appeared even further along in its Ink-guided development, possessing twin tentacles where each of its forearms should have been. This fight was also short and brutal, with the party employing a hand grenade, to take advantage of the tight corridors. After the last ambush, McIntyre was unwilling to mess around anymore, and he pushed the party as quickly as possible, to get them to the Control Center.

The party sprinted up to where the Control Center was, and when they arrived, Seif made short work of the locks letting the party into the room. Unfortunately, the men in the room, had created some small barricades beyond the door, and were well armed, with one even carrying a flamethrower. McIntyre tried to get the men to stand down, since he could see that they were still human. Boma had the chance to act, but didn’t out of respect for his Captain’s wishes. The man with the flamethrower was a little to trigger happy though, and he opened up on the party. Most of the party members were able to avoid the blast, but Smith took a good chunk of it, falling to the ground, and writhing while on fire.

The Captain was able to summon up the full weight of his command, and ordered everyone to stand down; surprisingly, the men inside did as they were told. Boma put out the flames on Smith, and was able to nurse him back to his feet again.

McIntyre spoke with the men inside the Control Center, and determined that they had led them into a bit of trap, hoping to steal the team’s ship, so they could escape from the moon. The Captain had no sympathy for the Control Center crew, especially after the flamer incident, and the brooding look from Seif showed exactly how the Arab wanted to settle things. McIntyre offered the men a deal, disarm and get a ride out of here, or hang on to their weapons, and the Captain will send the ship away right now. The crew opted to surrender, and take their chances with the nice men who had just fought their way through the monster inhabited corridors, rather than try to fight them. The team learned from the men in the Center that they would be able to open the doors from the Star Dock.

McIntyre, and crew, took the men with them, in a pack back the way they came. At gun point, (or Flamethrower Point since McIntyre had taken that) the Control Center men lead the way. The retrace of steps was fine until they got back into the room with the large hole in it, once there, a large beast climbed out of the hole, looking like mass of black tentacles on the end of a large stalk.

The beast lashed out with four of its tentacles, and crushed or severely damaged all but one of the Control Center men. The party did its best against this beast, but the brutality of its attacks spoke to the immense strength of this creature, and the party quickly opted to try and run past it. The Captain flamed the thing at every opportunity, and even burned a couple of humanoid spawn that came off of the thing. Boma and Seif threw grenades, and then resorted to their preferred weapons, guns and sword respectively. The beast appeared to be too much for them, but the consistent blows from the team started to weaken the thing. In the end a few blasts from the captain finally dropped the creature, but not before it killed the last of the Control Center Techs, and knocked Smith unconscious too.

At this point it was a mad run for the ship. The party ran to where the ship was, and once they got on-board, they tried to figure out who would suit up, and open the Hangar Doors. Eventually they decided that Seif would have to go, since he was the least injured, but Gabby changed every ones mind when he clouted Seif in the back of the head, rendering him unconscious, so he could take the death defying duty.

With Gabby suited up, and tied off to the ship, the party readied the ship to leave. Creatures started pouring from the doors to the Star Dock, as Gabby started the de-pressurization process, and opened the doors. As soon as the doors opened, the creatures went flying out into the dark of space, some of them bouncing off of Gabby as they went. As soon as things settled, Mendoza started to lift off from the Star Dock. With the ship slowly pulling away, Gabby climbed up the rope to the ship, and got back on board.

Everyone celebrated their survival and victory. The team flew to the Cathedral Station, and made plans to return to Tortuga, expect that Murphy would understand. After the Gatekeeper administered communion, the party settled into their pods for the trip.

McIntyre awoke in his Stasis Pod, but the door to it was still closed. The small status screen inside the pod lit, and Smith’s face appeared on the screen.

Smith told the Captain that he was sorry things had to end this way, but that he had performed the mission The Church asked of him: he had located the source of the Ink. Given all that they had been through though, Smith could not just kill the Captain, so he arranged to have McIntyre’s Pod activate before his ship slammed into the planet the gatekeeper had kicked it towards.

McIntyre opened the pod, and ran to the bridge of the ship, but by the time he got there it was to late to stop the crash. McIntyre did have enough time to trigger the braking thrusters, and slow the ship enough, that the crew would have a chance of surviving the crash.

When the ship slammed into the ground, it was only by sheer luck, that the Captain survived the impact. He was wounded, but would live. He went back to where the other pods were. Boma, Seif, and Gabby were fine, but Mendoza was slammed around inside his pod to the point, that his wounds would be fatal, if he was awoken without a doctor ready. As for Maria, her pod was empty, and the crew was left to figure out why.

The team scrambled about to assess the situation. Gabby confirmed that the Sue was done for. He was sure that he did not have the parts to get her space-worthy here, and in fact was unsure if she would ever fly again. Gabby got some power into Mendoza’s pod, that should keep him in stasis for longer, than went to the Bridge to try and breathe life into the comm systems. Which is when Gabby realized some more bad news. He would only have enough power to keep Mendoza’s pod up for four more days, and the Comm Systems for perhaps five.

McIntyre went outside, and tried to figure out what system they were in from looking at the stars, but they were in no system that he was familiar with. The world itself appeared to be all desert from where they stood, but Seif confirmed that they were not in New Mecca. No one answered Gabby’s hails, and things began to look very grim, when Gabby found a signal of unknown origin. It was in a language, that the team doubted was even human, and seemed to be talking endlessly. After awhile, Boma and Seif noticed that the signal was repeating itself. This indicated that there would at least be power, and possibly parts. Gabby ran some tests, and was able to discover at least a direction for the alien signal.

The Captain decided to gamble, and ordered Gabby to route all power to Mendoza’s pod, which would last maybe nine to ten days with the additional juice. The crew then grabbed all of the water and food they could carry, and took off for the source of the signal.

As the session closed the party was headed out under the night sky, wondering if they would ever leave this world.

The Seventh Day of July in the Two Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty Second Year of our Lord.

November 1st, 2009 Session
You are responsible for what you bring here.

The Twenty Sixth Day of June in the Two Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty Second Year of our Lord.

When the session opened the team was enjoying the payday from their most recent run between Tortuga, and Nippon. Over the previous three weeks the team had made numerous shipping runs in service to Hanzo Sakurai, and the Green Lotus Clan. The runs had gone quite smoothly, and thanks to the party’s efforts, the new drug lords of Tortuga had become well entrenched.

The party was feeling good about their latest ventures, as they were enjoying a drink at The Snake Pit, when a local “cop” came in looking for Captain McIntyre. The officer delivered a message to McIntyre that he was to attend a party at High Prince Broussard’s Estate. The invitation allowed for McIntyre and four guests. The Captain brought Boma, Seif, and Maria.

Broussard’s Estate was palatial in scope, and the trees, grass and animals that made up his gardens, easily required more water and good soil than was available in all of the Labor Enclaves on the entire moon. The dinner was nice, but the company was made of some of the nastier pirate lords to call Tortuga home; the nastiest of which was Broussard himself.

While there McIntyre is asked to present himself to the High Prince. Honoring the request, McIntyre, Boma, Seif, and Maria go into one of Broussard’s reception chambers. Broussard proves to be quite charming, and the meeting is fairly cordial. During the meeting Broussard reveals that he knows of the crew of The Sue’s involvement in the death of Carter. While the High Prince is not against Carter’s death, he is angered by the fact that he was not counseled before the lord of Tortuga’s Drug Trade was eliminated. It seemed that Carter had been paying an ample kickback to Broussard, and that since his death, the High Prince had not been receiving his cut of the Drug Trade. Broussard also made it known, that he blamed McIntyre directly for the situation. He demanded that McIntyre fetch the new Drug Ring’s chief representative, and bring him before the System Lord.

McIntyre immediately went to see Jack Murphy who serves as Sakurai’s right hand in Tortuga. Murphy quickly cleared his schedule, and made arrangements to meet with the High Prince. The meeting was back at the Estate, and McIntyre brought Murphy, and made the introductions. Murphy along with two of his guards went in to see Broussard, while McIntyre and his crew waited outside.

Murphy came out of the meeting with a black eye, and both of his guards were dead, but despite that, Murphy calmly stated that the meeting had gone very well. Murphy simply needed to get Broussard his cut of the action as quickly as possible. That cut would be ₱4,000,000, and Jack would look to his favorite delivery man, Captain McIntyre, to go to Nippon and get it for him. Murphy offered McIntyre a flight fee of 10% of the amount they would be transporting. The Captain accepted, and within a few hours the crew was bound for Nippon.

The flight went fairly well. They made it to Nippon with no problems, and were asked by Sakurai to also bring some Product back with them on the return journey. The only snag in the flight occurred once they were back in Tortuga Space, while in the no-man’s-land between the Gate, and the Tortuga moon. They were jumped by two Pirate ships.

McIntyre recognized the leader of the pirates as one of the men who had attended the High Prince’s party. The Pirate Lord immediately demanded for the team to heave to, and prepare to be boarded. Seeing the armaments on the two ships, McIntyre realized that he could not run, and that he could not fight this enemy. He announced his surrender, and hoped that he could outwit this enemy once they were on-board his ship.

One of the pirate vessels docked with The Sue, and a small boarding party of seven men came into the storage hold to take the ship’s cargo. McIntyre, Boma, Seif, Gabby, and Smith, all waited on the catwalks above the far end of the hold, while the pirates entered to inspect the cargo.

Once enough of the pirates were on the deck plates, that Gabby had previously booby trapped, Captain McIntyre triggered a massive dose of electrical current into the plates, and into the pirates that were standing on them. Most of them were shaken or knocked out by the blast, and after the trap was sprung the party immediately jumped the boarders.

The battle was quick decisive and completely one-sided. The party’s initial trap was damaging enough, that they were able to pick apart the survivors relatively quickly. The only problem was that once these pirates were down, the party had another ship-full of them to contend with on the other side of their airlock, not to mention the second ship that was doing slow orbits of the docked pair.

McIntyre ordered Gabby up to the airlock, to try and fight off the pirate ships attempts to disengage the airlocks, and break free. While Gabby kept the airlocks open, Seif, Boma, and McIntyre all slipped through the ‘locks, and boarded the pirate ship. The pirate ship’s first hold was a split tunnel leading deeper into the ship. Seif went one direction, with Boma, and McIntyre going the other way. To be safe, McIntyre called Smith forward to at least board the pirate ship, and be ready to provide medical aid.

Boma and McIntyre were able to shoot and slice their way through the first few guards they saw, and at the end of the hall, they found the entrance to the main hold. The main hold had several crates piled-up as barriers, and cover for the half-dozen pirates defending the area. Boma started shooting into them, while McIntyre moved forward to tie them up in hand-to-hand.

Back in the tunnel with Seif. The Arab was moving through his opponents as quickly as he could; tying them up with close combat, and then cutting them down one by one. By the time he finished off his opponents, and could move forward to the main hold, Boma, and McIntyre had gained the upper hand. Seizing the advantage, Seif moved in from behind, and helped to eliminate the remaining opponents.

Boma, Smith, and Seif created a barrier from the crates in front of the hatch leading to the rest of the ship, while McIntyre examined the two additional hatches on either side of the hold that read “Gun Well” above them. Not being an expert in ship’s guns, McIntyre called Gabby up to help. To keep the airlock open, Seif and Boma wedged a couple of the crates in the doorway to keep it open, so Gabby could go help the Captain.

McIntyre moved into the controls of one of the Ship’s Gauss Cannon turrets, and, with a little advice from Gabby, was able to get the system on-line. It took a few shots, but eventually McIntyre was able to place a crippling shot into the second Pirate ship, causing it to veer away from the encounter, and head to the safety of the nearby asteroid field. Buoyed by his success here, McIntyre sent Gabby to the other Gun Well, to bring that system up as well.

Back in the cargo hold, Boma, and Seif were forced to contend with another group of pirates. After opening the main hatch, the pirates lit into Boma with their Assault Rifles. Even with the advantage of cover, Boma was brought down by a hail of fire, and rendered unconscious. Seif was able to keep the pirates busy while McIntyre fired his cannon at the pirate ship’s own engines. The explosion rocked the ship, and caused a panic in her crew. Seizing this advantage, McIntyre, and Seif cut down a few more pirates, forcing the remaining crew to close down the door between the main hold, and the crew section.

Gabby took advantage of the distractions, and fired his gun on the ship’s remaining engine, then setup an overload of the gauss coils on the gun, that he promised would make for quite the big boom, when they went off. The Captain ordered the retreat, and the team scooped up a still ailing Boma, and got off of the ship as quickly as possible.

As they fled from the crippled pirate ship, they were treated to the view of its gun overloading, and shattering the ship into millions of pieces. With the battle behind them the crew made a run for the Tortuga moon, and got to the relative safety of her Star Dock.

Smith was able to get Boma back up and running, albeit with a wounded arm that would need time to heal. The rest of the crew’s minor wounds were much more treatable, and they were able to meet with Murphy and his men to exchange the cash and the product.

The session closed with the team having settled their “debt” to High Prince Broussard, and having made a nice payday as well.

The First Day of July in the Two Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty Second Year of our Lord.

October 17th, 2009 Session
I ain’t no Chemist, I’m a Captain of a Ship

The Twenty Fourth Day of May in the Two Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty Second Year of our Lord.

At the opening of the session the team was sitting on Sue, contemplating their relationship with their new employer. Following Carter’s instructions, McIntyre, Boma, and Seif head down to The Snake Pit to find out about their next job.

The Pit is a different place early in the morning. The team was treated to the view of the bar’s staff dragging out those customers that were too drunk, or dead, to walk out under their own power the previous evening. They head in, a bouncer said hi to them, and after being told where the team was headed, pointed them towards a door that read “Private”.

The team stepped up to the door, and found another guard in front of it. They told the guard who they are, and he opened the door to see if Carter was ready for them. Some swearing and yelling from Carter at his bodyguard passed, and the party was sent into the room. Carter was smiling from ear-to-ear as the team came in. The office is of good size, but the only chair is the one that Carter is sitting in behind his nice oak desk. Forced to stand in front of the desk, McIntyre asked Carter what their next job was, and after some gloating, Carter told them to go to the Nippon System, and pick-up a “Package” for him. He then threw them a card with the name Hanzo Sakurai, and an E-Net number scrawled on to it. McIntyre asked what their cut is, and Carter told them that he will give them ₱12,000 plus Gate costs and fuel.

The team headed back to the ship to check with the Tortuga Cathedral Station, and found out that they were looking at a day and a half wait before a ship to Nippon would be available. They killed the time by doing a little shopping, to replace some of the gear and ammo that was used up during their last job. Seif even took some time to wire some cash back to New Mecca for his family.

₱1,600, a blessing, and a Gate Trip later, they were in Nippon looking for Sakurai. Dialing up the contact, they were directed to land in Neo-Tokyo, and come to a street address. Once they were on the ground, McIntyre, Boma, Seif, and Gabby headed downtown to find the address. Neo-Tokyo is a sensory-overload, but without too many difficulties the team was able to navigate their way through.

As the team closed in on their destination, Boma recognized some of the graffiti, as the signs of the Green Lotus Clan of Yakuza. When they finally arrived at the address they found a nightclub that is also marked with the Green Lotus symbols. They headed to the door where a Sumo-sized man was standing guard. The guard and Boma exchanged words, in Japanese, for a bit, and eventually the guard pointed down an alley for them to “Go around back”. Heading down the dark alley the team found a metal door, with a sliding peephole slot set into it. The door was locked, and after knocking a man opened the slot to look out at them. The team said that they are there to see Sakurai, and are let in. They were escorted into a smoky illegal gambling hall, where they were taken to Sakurai, who was towards the back of the hall gambling on cards with several business men.

Sakurai greeted them coolly, but when they revealed that they are there for Carter’s package, he warmed some, and sent a man into another room. The man returned with two brown paper packages about the size of a briefcase each. McIntyre seemed a little shocked, that the two packages were all he was picking up, but took them. Sakurai offered McIntyre the chance to sit down at the table, or enjoy themselves in the establishment, but McIntyre declined. Back on the ship McIntyre made a brief jest by laying the two small packages in the middle of his large cargo hold, before eventually giving them to Gabby to store in one of their hidden compartments.

₱1,600, a blessing, and a Gate Trip later, they were back in Tortuga to turn in the package to Carter. McIntyre, Boma, and Seif went to Carter’s Office, and once there they delivered the goods. Carter looked excited, and somewhat surprised by the amount that the team had returned with, but his joy was short-lived when he opened the packages to reveal bags of a white powdery substance.

“What the fuck is this?”, yelled Carter. Carter went on to yell that he was supposed to be getting Ink, not NovaCoke. He berated McIntyre, and wondered out-loud what kind of idiots he has working for him. McIntyre attempted to defend himself, by saying that this is what he was given by Sakurai, but Carter didn’t seem to care. Eventually he calmed down enough to knock the packages off of his desk at McIntyre, and order him to cut the product down, and distribute it.

McIntyre had had enough, and yelled back, “I ain’t no Chemist, I’m a Captain of a Ship.” From there the argument got worse as Carter tried to bully McIntyre around with threats about the debt he is owed, and how Carter could try and collect it, but McIntyre was unmoved.

Carter changed tactics, and asked McIntyre if he wanted the chance to make it right. The Captain relented, and accepted a new deal to return the Nova-Coke to Sakurai, and return with the Ink.

₱1,600, a blessing, and a Gate Trip later, they were back in Nippon to see Sakurai. When they called over to Sakurai, his men answered, but refused to put him through. The team was told to wait, and they would be contacted with an appointment time. A few hours later, the team had grown tired of waiting, and they headed down to Sakurai’s gambling hall to find the Yakuza boss.

They got to the metal door then knocked, but the man behind the peep-hole told them to go away, and slid it shut. McIntyre knocked again, but this time he had a Flechette Rifle pointed at the mouth of the little sliding door. When the flunky answered he was quickly moved to let them in. The team made their way to the game room, and when they arrived, they found several guards with their hands on weapons too.

Sakurai stopped things before they got out of control and told McIntyre to put his weapon down. McIntyre lowered the barrel of his rifle down, and once he did the whole room seemed to relax. The team approached Sakurai, and gave him the Nova-Coke, then demanded the Ink that Carter had asked for. Sakurai seemed confused, and told them that the deal was for Nova-Coke, and that if they wanted Ink, that would be quite a bit more. Sakurai offered to buy back the Nova-Coke at ₱10,000, and then sell them the Ink, but McIntyre had decided that he was done with being Carter’s bitch, and just took the money with the intention of walking.

Sakurai saw how angry McIntyre was, and smelled a deal in the making. Sakurai explained to the team that he really wanted a piece of the Tortuga market, but Carter had that are cornered. He suggested that if something were to happen to Carter’s business, then he would be very thankful. The team asked how much Sakurai was offering for eliminating Carter. Sakurai offered ₱50,000 for putting an end to Carter’s enterprise, ₱100,000 for killing Carter and bringing back proof, and ₱150,000 for bringing Carter back to him alive. McIntyre grinned, and the team took the deal.

₱1,600, a blessing, and a Gate Trip later, they were back in Tortuga to get Carter. The team took some time to settle out how they would do things, but it was decided that they would get Mendoza to call on a past love interest of his Maria Vargas. It turned out that Mendoza had received one of his numerous scars after getting roughed up by some of Carter’s men when he had “just kissed” Maria in The Snake Pit. The team banked on Maria being able to get a mickey into Carter. The mickey was concocted by Smith, and was meant to be ingested in a drink.

To get down to the planet, the team called on Mendoza’s cousin Luis Mendoza to take them down on his Tug. Once they arrived, they checked into a motel, and called Maria. Maria rushed to the motel, thinking that she was going to get the chance to be with Mendoza, and when she arrived greeted Mendoza at the door by opening her coat to reveal her naked form; the team was quite impressed, even Seif stole a glance or two.

Maria was shocked, but not too embarrassed, and McIntyre told her what they really called her over for. At first it looked like Maria was too scared to do the job, but McIntyre, who is not without his own charms, was able to persuade her to join in, the ₱2,000 he promised her helped too. By the end of the meeting, Maria had warmed up quite a bit to McIntyre, and gave him a look that promised an interesting working relationship was in the offing.

While McIntyre and Maria discussed the job offer, Seif, and Mendoza went to check out Carter’s Residence. All of Tortuga was, at one time, a giant mine, and the houses there had been built directly into the walls of the mining tunnels, and caverns. When Seif and Mendoza got close enough to Carter’s house they saw that it was on the edge of a large cavern. The buildings in the center of the cavern were built in a more traditional standard, as free-standing buildings, but Carter’s residence was against the wall of the cavern, and as such it was fairly inaccessible from anywhere other than the front door. In appearance, it looked like someone took a three-story townhouse from 20th Century New York City, and shoved it into the wall leaving only about one foot sticking out. Seif quickly realized that the house would need a source of air since the windows were all locked closed, and called back to McIntyre and Boma for advice.

Boma got on-line and checked with the city’s systems, to discover a massive air recycling center that serviced all of the cavern, and the individual buildings through massive air ducts. The team hoped that they could use this system to enter Carter’s home. Boma was able to find an expert hacker, to get into the Air Filtration Center’s computer system, and download some plans for the duct work. From there the party was able to locate the duct that would take them to Carter’s house.

With Maria on-board, the team began to move forward with their plan. Maria’s only major concern was how the party was going to get Carter past El Toro; McIntyre dismissed her concern, and told her not to worry about it.

The next step was to get access to the air duct system, and for that the team found a house on the same leg of duct as Carter’s house that was for sale. They Convinced the real estate agency that they needed to see the house that evening, and were on a short timetable. The company sent out a sales rep, and when she arrived she took them in to see the house. She seemed particularly taken with Mendoza, and was completely shocked when the team pulled out there guns. McIntyre calmed her down, and took her into one of the back rooms, where he and Mendoza stood guard. Seif went to the Heating and cooling room to get into the vent system. Boma took off so he could get setup in the alley across from Carter’s house.

Things were going well for the party: Seif was in the duct work waiting to enter Carter’s house, Boma was setup on a fire escape across from the house, and McIntyre was just waiting on Maria’s call. From Boma’s vantage he was able to ID five guards on the main floor, a housekeeper, Maria and three other mistress. Within a couple of hours, Boma saw Carter, three goons, and a large Hispanic man coming down the street; he assumed that was El Toro. As he watched Carter’s entourage entered the house, and in a few moments Carter and Maria retired to Carter’s room. As Boma watched the rest of Carter’s crew moving around, he spied one more guard for a total of ten including El Toro.

Maria called McIntyre a short while later to let him know that Carter was out. McIntyre left Mendoza to watch the Realtor woman, with the strict instructions that he was not to harm her. Mendoza assured that he “won’t touch her.” McIntyre then got into the duct work, and came down to where Seif was, while Seif slipped down the single line duct to Carter’s house. Seif deftly disconnected the duct from the Air Conditioning unit, and slid into the furnace room. He checked the door, and watched as the guards in the living room celebrated a score in the sports game that they were watching. Seif took the distraction, and slipped into the kitchen; from there it was another set of cheering before he got to the stairs to go up to the second floor. When he got onto the stairwell he could see El Toro and one guard in front of the stairs to the third floor room where Boma had last seen Maria and Carter. Seif was stuck at this point, as El Toro kept looking towards the staircase. Seif would need a distraction if he was to get any further.

McIntyre called Maria, and told her to call El Toro upstairs. Maria did, and Boma watched as El Toro came up the stairs to check on Carter. While El Toro was checking the unconscious form of Carter, Seif slipped the rest of the way onto the floor above, and sliced through the neck of the guard before he could call for help. Boma took a head shot at El Toro with his sniper rifle. The shot was perfect, and should have dropped El Toro on impact, but the window that Boma was shooting through was some kind of high density polymer, and while the round did go through, it completely spider-webbed the window, so Boma could not see what the end result was. As soon as the window broke though, an alarm went off throughout the entire house, and all hell broke loose.

Downstairs, the guards reacted by running towards the kitchen, and the stairs leading up to the bedrooms, McIntyre slipped out behind one of them, and ran him through with his Vibro-Rapier. On the second floor, two guards ran out of one of the mistresses bedrooms with pistols and their underwear, shooting at Seif. Seif was rattled for a moment, but otherwise unharmed. Seif quickly moved to melee with them so they would be less effective. Mean while up on the third floor Boma could not see anything but shadows moving around, and was unwilling to take a shot, so he instead popped a shot at a guard in front of the building. Even with the melee he was engaged in, Seif could here heavy footsteps upstairs, a loud slap, and a woman scream, and then an ominous thump. Apparently the shot through the window was slowed down too much by the Plexiglas, and El Toro was still alive.

The following few moments were shaky McIntyre, Boma, and Seif were all able to finish off another guard, but then the battle started to even out. El Toro, bleeding slightly from a grazing shot on his head, came downstairs to double team Seif with the remaining guard on the second floor, while three guards kept McIntyre busy downstairs. Boma dropped from the fire escape into a pile of garbage bags landing safely. He tried to get a bead into the first floor, but by then McIntyre had finished off two more of his guys. Upstairs El Toro produced a one-handed sledgehammer, and was winging shots into Seif. Seif did his best, but with the guard on one side, and El Toro on the other, he was in a losing situation.

McIntyre ignored the last shooter, and made a run for the stairs. The guard tried to follow him, but Boma was able to pin him down with fire from his sniper rifle from out front. When McIntyre finally made it upstairs, El Toro walked away from a battered Seif to engage him. El Toro was every bit the bull, and his blows rained down on McIntyre; wounding him, but not finishing him.

Downstairs Boma finally finished off the last guard there, and started running in to where the rest of the team was. Meanwhile McIntyre, Seif, El Toro, and the guard were caught in a stalemate, until Seif cut down the guard he was fighting, and moved into a flanking position with McIntyre against El Toro. Seif and McIntyre started to work El Toro over, and had him wounded when Boma finally made it upstairs, leaping a railing, and then drawing his pistols. El Toro moved to take down his newest enemy, but as he did McIntyre took advantage, and stabbed him through the heart from behind.

With all of the combatants dead, the team ran upstairs and collected a battered, but still living, Maria, and the unconscious Carter. They slipped through the ducts back to the house that was for sale. When they got there, they found the woman wiping her mouth with a smile on her face, while Mendoza assured the Captain that he hadn’t done the touching. They ran outside, and jumped in the realtor’s car telling her to drive them away. It was a cramped ride, but when she dropped them within a block of Luis’s house they felt safe. The woman made sure to give her card to Mendoza, and asked him to call her.

Luis rushed the team, Maria, and Carter up to the Sue. On-board Smith checked the crew, and treated everyones wounds. Smith also let the Captain know that they would have difficulty getting a drugged man past the Gate inspection, unless he was wounded. McIntyre gave Carter’s sleeping form a decent wound, and Smith took care of the paperwork.

When they got to the Gate, the priest came on-board, and started to get them prepared to leave, but balked when he came to Carter. He commented that he knew Carter, and had not heard that Carter was planning on leaving system. McIntyre assured him that Carter definitely wanted to leave, but not without making a ₱2,000 donation to The Church. The priest was moved, but indicated that he thought Carter was even more faithful then that, so McIntyre added another ₱2,000. The priest took the donation, and administered Last Rites to Carter, saying how a change of flavor to Tortuga might be just the thing the system needed.

₱1,800, a blessing, and a Gate Trip later, they were back in Nippon. McIntyre had Smith wake Carter so he could make sure Carter would know who had gotten him. At first Carter tried to buy his way out of trouble offering more money than Sakurai, but no matter how high he went the Captain would not budge. Carter than tried to bribe Boma and Seif to turn on McIntyre, but they weren’t interested either.

The team contacted Sakurai and arranged a meet in space to exchange Carter for the money. Sakurai was very pleased to meet them in his yacht out near the asteroid belt. At the meeting, things were slightly tense, but once Sakurai saw his old enemy in handcuffs, he warmed quickly, and gave the team the ₱150,000. They handed Carter over, and Sakurai asked McIntyre to do another job; take four of his men, and their cargo back to Tortuga, so he could setup his new enterprise. McIntyre agreed, and with that Sakurai left the ship. The team watched as Sakurai spaced Carter from his yacht a short while later.

The team settled their new guests into the cargo hold, and hid some of their more questionable cargo into the hidden compartments. Everyone gloried at their new found wealth. McIntyre talked to Gabby about getting the old Sue back up to specs, and Gabby seemed excited to finally have the chance to pour some real cash into the old girl. The only thing out of sorts was Maria; she was no where to be found.

As the session closed Captain McIntyre went into his cabin to find a naked Maria waiting to personally thank her benefactor. McIntyre entered the room, and shut the door behind him, with a smile on his face.

The Fifth Day of June in the Two Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty Second Year of our Lord.

October 10th, 2009 Session
I own you.

The Twelfth Day of May in the Two Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty Second Year of our Lord.

As the session opened we found our team on New Sydney, looking for work. Captain McIntyre realizes that the best work will be found on Tortuga, but he would like to get something out of the return trip. McIntyre also thinks about on-board defenses based on how badly the last fight with the Berserkers went. Deciding to try and get both problems solved with one trip into town, McIntyre, Boma, Gabby, and Seif all head into town to look for a firearms shop.

At the weapons dealer the Captain purchases several Flechette Rifles and ammo for them. He gives the new toys to Gabby, and tells him to bring them back to the ship, and set up a Weapons Locker. Some of the team picks up more ammo, but eventually the Captain goes looking for the dockmaster at the New Sydney Starport.

It turns out that the dockmaster does have a few Milk Runs that are available, but they are all bound for destinations other than Tortuga. After a little bit more prodding, the dockmaster finally lets McIntyre know about a Sour Milk Run that is bound for Tortuga. McIntyre takes the contract, and asks if there are any passengers headed to Tortuga too. As it turns out, the dockmaster does have a single passenger that needs to get to Tortuga. McIntyre gets the contact information, and tells the dockmaster to have the passenger come see them the next day, when they will be loading cargo.

Once McIntyre gets back to the ship, he finds an anxious Mendoza bouncing from foot to foot waiting for the anticipated shore leave. The Captain gives everyone their share of the last profit, a little over ₱6,000, and then grudgingly, the Captain gives leave for the crew to head into port for the evening. Mendoza speeds off for trouble and women with his grudgingly acceptant friend Gabby in tow. Boma decides to head into the city to look for his Bunny, and Smith and Seif stay on the ship.

Once his crew are all bound for their personal retreats, Captain McIntyre cleans himself up, and breaks out an old military suit for his own past time. Heading into the nicer side of town, the Captain finds a high class casino, and settles in for an evening of high stakes cards. At first the night does not go so well, with McIntyre breaking even at best, or perhaps even down a bit. When the wee hours of the night finally arrive McIntyre is about to leave, when he notices that the other professional gamblers are going as well; staring at a table of fish proves to tempting for Barry, and he decides to push his luck and endurance for a few more hours. The gamble pays off, and the Captain ends up making enough profit that he can pay for a couple of ladies to join him in his hotel room for a victory celebration.

In the seedier side of town, Boma finds his search to be futile, but thanks to an open eye, he avoids any of the areas dangerous peoples, returning to the ship just after Midnight. A couple hours later Gabby returns with a new black eye and a battered Mendoza over one shoulder. Smith takes care of Mendoza, and a few stitches later the crew are all settled in for the evening.

The next morning the crew awakens to the smells of Smith cooking breakfast in the galley. Everyone enjoys a hot meal together; Smith even gives Seif beef-flavored Soy Sausage rather than pork, and begins to wonder where their captain might be.

Around Noon McIntyre finally returns to the ship, and enjoys another Smith-produced meal with his crew. Once they have a few moments alone Mendoza tries to hit up the Captain for ₱500, because he might owe a bit of money after his evening. McIntyre realizes that Mendoza may have heated up their last few hours on planet, and refuses.

Before the authorities come for Mendoza, the cargo for Tortuga arrives. There are two loads, one set is large and bulky, and the other is fairly small, so it can be stored away in one of the ships hidden compartments. McIntyre makes the necessary arrangements, and by the time he is finished the ships passenger has arrived. The prospective passenger is apparently a nobleman and after he shows his travelling papers, and the cash, the crew welcomes him on board. Accompanying Sir Andreas Richard is his manservant, and when Richard asks for a cabin for him as well, McIntyre takes a small bit of revenge by bumping Mendoza from his cabin.

With everyone settled in the ship leaves port and heads for the Gate. Once there they contact the Station, and arrange their transport for Tortuga. When the Priest arrives to deliver their blessings, and collect the Gate taxes, a heated discussion breaks out between Richard and the Priest. The argument is in Latin, though, and most of the crew can’t speak the language, except for Smith who attempts to feign disinterest. In the end the matter is settled when Richard produces a little extra cash for his Gate tax. Before McIntyre can question Smith the Priest continues his ritual and buttons each of the crew members into their Stasis Pods.

When only the Captain and the Priest are left on the deck, the Priest confronts McIntyre about the “Incident” at the Kir Gare Gate before they came to New Sydney. The Priest and the Captain reach an understanding that what the Captain witnessed was a “Pirate” attack, and not anything else. Once McIntyre agrees to this version of events, the Priest rewards him with a ₱1000 reduction on the Gate Tax.

Upon arrival in Tortuga, the team is greeted by a couple of fighter craft from the Tortuga Navy that offers to escort the ship to the Tortuga moon, for a slightly increased landing tax. McIntyre accepts, feeling that he has no real choice. The ship follows the fighters, navigating the route to the Tortuga moon, while passing the smashed hulks of several starships.

Captain McIntyre stopped Smith for a few minutes to find out about the conversation that transpired between Richard and the Priest. Smith confirmed that he could understand the conversation, and let McIntyre know that Sir Richard was apparently a wanted man. When the Priest had suggested that he should arrest the nobleman, Richard told him that he had a personal vendetta that he had to deal with first, but once that was taken care of, he would go straight to Britannia to turn himself in. Smith made one last note for the Captain, it turned out that Richard spoke his Latin without any kind of accent, a feat that required a remarkable amount of talent for the language, or a revelation that the speaker was from Sol or New Rome.

Once the ship had landed, the party was greeted by the recipients of the cargo containers. They paid McIntyre, and collected their goods. Sir Richard also took his leave of the ship, but before he left he asked the Captain, if he was planning to head to Britannia any time soon. McIntyre told him that it was a possibility, and when Richard offered an exorbitant amount of cash, he agreed to take him.

Looking to squeeze every dime possible out of any trip, McIntyre, Boma, and Seif went to The Snake Pit to find Carter. After some discussion, Carter was able to supply the team with work in Britannia. Carter needed a team of individuals to take care of a transaction for him. It seemed that two parties were going to make an exchange in one of the cities of Britannia, and Carter wanted the merchandise. The agreement was, the team would go to Britannia, and intercept the deal once both parties were present. The team would keep the cash, a purported ₱24,000, and Carter would get the merchandise. It sounded like a decent deal to McIntyre, so he agreed. It would be several days before the deal went down, so with Sir Richard’s flight, and the new job still days away, McIntyre decided to try his luck at the Captain’s Table in the Snake Pit, a friendly game of cards that was open to ship owners only.

McIntyre took Boma with him into the roped off are for the Captains and their Seconds, while Seif stayed at the bar and drank water. McIntyre was having fun, already up several hundred Papes, when Richard showed up in the bar holding his abdominal area, and limping over to the Captain. Richard worked his way to the Captain, and quickly asked him if they could leave the Starport right then. McIntyre started to tell Richard no, when the nobleman added in that he would double the transport fee. McIntyre jumped up and told Boma that it was time to go.

Just as the Captains was scraping his winnings into a bag, the Tortuga police force (Read: Scroungy Nasty Mercs) showed up, and demanded that Richard surrender himself. McIntyre made a casual gesture towards the cash that he had just scored from his fellow Captains, and asked the Sheriff if there was some kind of arrangement that could be made. At first the Sheriff asked for Richard and ₱4,000, to let McIntyre and his crew leave. The Captain told him, “That’s just not gonna work.”, so he gave a secondary offer of Richard, ₱1,000, and the Captain gets to leave with a severe limp. At that point McIntyre and his team drew their weapons, and started in with more aggressive negotiation tactics.

Seif casually slid off of his seat at the bar, and slid towards the Sheriff, and his four deputies. While McIntyre kicked over the table, and took cover. Behind the Captain, Boma stood with his back against the wall, and pulled his twin pistols. Boma’s first shots put two of the deputies down for the fight, while Seif engaged a third deputy in Vibro-Shamshir to Baton combat.

The Sheriff proved to be a crafty one he slid behind a civilian, and used him as cover while he sprayed bursts of rounds into the Captain and Boma. Richard used the confusion to grab cover, and fire a couple of rounds into the combat. Early in the fight, a couple more deputies came into the bar. The new comers ran up to the sides of their Sheriff, and started trying to shoot the team.

The exchanges were bloody and intense, and it was too long before the Captain caught a round. The hit was minimal, but enough that he ducked under cover. Boma had to drop prone too, once the Sheriff turned his Auto-Pistol on him. Things looked a little dicey for a bit, but once Seif got his man, and Boma got another one, things just started going downhill for the cops. It wasn’t long before the team were the last men standing, and Boma was collecting a slightly used Auto-Pistol to add to his collection.

McIntyre and crew grabbed Richard, and got to the ship as quickly as possible. Once on board, Smith treated the wounded, while Mendoza made a beeline for the Gate. When they got to the Gate, they asked for a transport to Britannia, but were told it would be at least 24 hours before the Church Carrier would be leaving for that system. Richard asked if he could speak to the Station, and McIntyre gave him the Mic. Richard spoke in Latin for a few moments, and the next thing the crew heard was the Station control center letting them know which Carrier they should dock with, so they could leave within the hour. The crew wasn’t sure how much Richard paid for the unheard of honor of a solo flight to a system, but they were sealed up and bound for Britannia as soon as they could dock with the Carrier.

Once the team arrived in Britannia Richard asked them to land at one of the Enclaves so he could disembark. As Sir Richard was leaving the ship he gave a business card to McIntyre, and told him that if the Captain ever needed help while in the Britannia system, he need only call, and it would be provided, but just once.

The team made contact with Carter’s business contact that held all of the details for their next job. The man was surprised to here from them so soon, and said he thought it was going to be at least 24 more hours before a Carrier was due to arrive from Tortuga. The party declined giving the contact the details, and instead asked what the plans were. The contact told them that he would meet them in 48 hours in Far York, a city on the main planetoid of Britannia.

The team made way for the Starport at Far York, and once docked the Captain ordered everyone to stay on board so they would be able to avoid any “Mendoza” incidents. Two days later McIntyre, Boma, and Seif went to the Hotel where they were supposed to meet the contact. Once there the team’s contact let them into his Hotel room, where he and two guards waited. The contact told them what room in the hotel the deal would be happening in, and that it would be in 4 hours. After informing the team about the job, the contact left them the room, and took off with his guards in tow.

With no time to lose McIntyre contacted Smith back at the ship, and told him to bring four Flechette Rifles to the Hotel, and be ready for action. While they waited for Smith to arrive Seif climbed into the duct work, and was able to maneuver down to the meeting room, he was even able to get into a position above the room where the deal would take place. From there Seif saw an overweight man, with a briefcase cuffed to his wrist, sitting on the end of the bed watching an entertainment video, while his two guards plaid cards at a small table.

Once Smith had arrived, McIntyre explained his plan of pretending to be cops breaking up an illegal transaction. Boma, McIntyre and Smith all grabbed Flechette Rifles, Smith unloaded his, and waited for Seif to let them know when to get down to the room.

A short time later there was a knock at the fat man’s room door. The fat man sent one of his guards to open the door, and in came an attractive woman with a briefcase and two guards of her own. All of the heavies eyed each other, while the fat man and the woman started the deal process. Seif signaled the team, and they came down to the Hotel room. While he waited for his friends to show up Seif saw the woman display a large amount of cash in the case, but when the fat man showed his cases contents the woman was in the way of Seif’s view.

Once everyone was in position McIntyre kicked the door in and shouted that they were the police. The fat man bought it, and started to freeze, with his two guards following suit; the woman wasn’t buying it though, and she shouted that the team weren’t cops. Then the fighting started.

When the fight broke out, Boma killed one of the woman’s guards with a flechette shot to the belly. Seif dropped right into the middle of the room, and sliced at the woman with his blade. Smith waited outside while McIntyre took a shot from the doorway. The woman touched a latch on her briefcase, and the top handle came out with an Auto-Pistol attached to it. Everyone went looking for cover, the woman’s lone guard jumped into the closet, while she took cover behind a wardrobe. The fat man rolled behind the couch once he realized what was going on, and one of his guards just pulled his pistol and started shooting at Seif. Amazingly, one of the fat man’s guards was caught dead in the middle of most of the fire, and he just panicked and stood there for most of the fight.

With only four real opponents, the team felt confident, but when McIntyre tried to move into the room and take cover in the bathroom, he paid for it with a barrage of shots. Seif didn’t fare much better with his central location making him an easy target. Boma did his usual thing, and started dropping rounds into targets.

In short order the real problem in the fight was revealed to be the woman with the Auto-Pistol. She showed the Captain what a bad idea it was to enter a gun fight without armor. It looked like the Captain was close to buying the farm, or at least putting a down payment on it, when he told Boma to shoot her arm. Boma tried a couple of times, before finally shooting her through the wrist with a pack of flechette needles, separating her from the Auto-Pistol, and her hand.

Once the woman went down ,the room was an exercise in futility for the enemies. The crew dropped the screaming woman, the fat man, and the remaining guards very quickly. Unfortunately for the team, almost everyone had caught a few rounds, so with bruises where the rounds had slapped armor, and the cuts associated with grazing rounds, the team was feeling a little weakened. Seif grabbed the merchandise, and the Captain grabbed the money, he even picked up the woman’s Auto-Pistol at Boma’s behest. While the team prepared to exit there was the sound of a shot in the hallway, and Smith didn’t respond when they called him. Boma moved into the hall, and fired on an assailant who was holding a Flechette Rifle of his own. Boma dropped the target, and checked on Smith. He wasn’t dead, but his back armor had caught a flechette pack at pretty close range, and he was winded by the experience.

Boma could hear more people coming up the front stairs, and warned the team. McIntyre and Seif ran into the hall, and started heading towards the fire exit at the far end of the hall when another man came up the stairs. With his battle adrenaline finally settling down Boma recognized that the man he had just killed was a real cop, and so was the new target. Ignoring the incoming fire, Boma dropped his rifle, grabbed Smith and followed McIntyre as quickly as he could. Before they made it too far, Smith shook off the effects of the shot he took, and started running on his own. It was a good thing that he did too, because once he got into the fire stairwell with Seif and McIntyre, he made them aware of more people coming up the stairwell.

The team got off at the next floor, and from there on out it was all Seif’s stealth calling the shots. Seif led the team down a few hallways, and eventually back down to the lobby, dodging the cops along the way. When they got to the lobby the Concierge tried to stop them. McIntyre tried to bluff his way past, but the Concierge saw the team’s blood, and called out to get them some help. Boma closed the discussion with a Shock Knuckle empowered punch to the jaw of the nice Concierge, but his follow up left did not go so well, and Boma spilled onto the ground. With the whole lobby in an uproar now, the team high-tailed it into the streets, where eventually they were able to find a cook from a Chinese restaurant dumping water into a back alley.

A quick look from McIntyre at the cook, and the cook opened the door fully so the team could dip inside. When they made it to the lobby one of the waiters offered them “The Special”, which apparently included hiding the party in a storeroom for a couple of ours while the heat died down. Giving their thanks, and some cash the team ran back to the ship and got off planet as quickly as they could.

Once in space, and en route to the Gate, the team verified their new found wealth, and checked to see what could possibly be worth the bother. When the merchandise case was opened the team was startled to see two plastic jars inside, one containing a living, and one a non-living specimen of the same kind of worm-things that had crawled out of the Berserker Lord that they killed in Kir Gare.

McIntyre asked Smith how dangerous the things were, and with his educated eye Smith asked if he was also including the fact that the living one was female and pregnant. With that additional information McIntyre surveyed the crew’s opinions. Mendoza was stoked to have the cash, and suggested that the team take the merchandise and sell it on their own rather than give it to Carter. Seif wanted it as a weapon to be given to New Mecca. Smith told the Captain that he could accept giving the merchandise to Carter, but after that he would probably be looking for a new ship in a job or two. Gabby just handed the Captain a spray can of flammable liquid and a lighter as a means of answering the standing question. With that response, McIntyre ordered Smith to destroy the merchandise. Smith took the worms into the Sick Bay, and got rid of them. McIntyre calmed the crew, and told them that he would just have to apologize to Carter, and they would probably just lose the cash.

Things did not go that well when they got to Tortuga. McIntyre called Carter up to explain what happened, but once he told him that the merchandise was destroyed by the targets when they tried to steal it from them, Carter went ballistic. It turned out that Carter had a client lined up to purchase the merchandise for ₱100,000. McIntyre tried to calm Carter, but even with the promise of the ₱24,000, Carter demanded that the Captain and his crew would pay him back every bit of the hundred grand. McIntyre agreed, and then Carter told him that the Captain worked for him now, and he would be taking half of everything they made until his debt was clear.

McIntyre landed at the Starport on the Tortuga moon, and when the ramp dropped the Carter and his men were waiting with a lot of guns pointed at the crew. Carter took the ₱24,000, and then told the team that with that they only needed to get him his ₱100,000, and then things would be even. McIntyre tried to argue that the ₱24,000 was supposed to go towards the ₱100,000, but Carter and his guns disagreed, so McIntyre was forced to relent.

As the session closed the team was contemplating the mess they were in now, and Carter was telling McIntyre, “I own you now. You belong to me until I’m paid.”

The Twenty Fourth Day of May in the Two Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty Second Year of our Lord.

October 3rd, 2009 Session
I don't care if she's a whore. She's getting married!

The Fifth Day of May in the Two Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty Second Year of our Lord.

The session opened with the crew of The Run Around Sue returning to Tortuga after a successful mission. Captain Barry “The Breeze” McIntyre was tense after the mission because two of his men would be permanently leaving the crew; Robert and Douglas McKenzie. Bob and Doug had received news that their parents wanted them home, and that their would be young brides waiting for them when they arrived. It wasn’t all bad news for Captain McIntyre, his pilot Emil Mendoza and engineer Gabriel “Gabby” O’Malley had agreed to stay on for the foreseeable future.

As per usual Gabby gave the Captain a long list of needed parts that the ship had not enough money for. The Captain made sure that the crew off loaded the cargo before he released them to enjoy a brief shore leave. Emil and Gabby left together for The Snake Pit, a local dive where, if patterns proceeded as normal, Emil would eventually pick a fight by kissing the wrong girl, and Gabby would have to end.

Captain McIntyre also went to The Snake Pit, not for a fight, but to sell his cargo to a fence named Raymond Carter. Carter was also the man to see about getting new crew members, and finding work. Carter and the Captain negotiated a price for the goods, and afterwards Carter agreed to send over some prospective crew mates.

Most of the people that the Captain interviewed were bad choices at best, but Seif al Din, and Boma both looked like interesting prospects for fighters to replace the McKenzie brothers, and he even picked up a medic as well, a former Guardsmen that had left the service. With a new crew on hand, all Captain McIntyre needed now was a job. Carter told the Captain that he would have a job lined up by the next day.

The next morning McIntyre, Boma, and Seif went back to The Snake Pit to meet with their prospective employer. Carter introduced the team to a Mr. Henderson and his son from the New Sydney System. It seemed that the younger Henderson had been betrothed to a girl named Annalee Thomas when they were children, but that there was trouble with getting the two of them back together. Apparently Annalee and her family had been awarded to the Kir Gare System, as war reparations, after a battle with New Sydney a few years ago. The Henderson family had secured all of the proper documentation, and paid the fees to have her moved back to New Sydney, but the bureaucracy of the Kir Gare government had slowed the return of the girl to a crawl. Mr. Henderson believed that the team need only go to the location where she was employed, and claim her with the paperwork, then bring her back to New Sydney. The job seemed easy enough.

The team traveled to the Kir Gare system, and when they arrived in system they were able to track down Annalee’s place of employment; a strip bar and brothel called The Psychedelic Lady. The Psychedelic Lady was located deep in the core of a Labor Enclave on a mining center. McIntyre, Boma, Seif, and Smith went in together.

The brothel, it would turn out, was about as seedy and dirty as they got in these kinds of enclaves. The women were there to “entertain” the miners, by dancing or other means, so the miners would stay motivated to work. It was rough work in an even rougher locale, and the team began to wonder what kind of woman Annalee had grown up to be.

The team looked around the bar, and eventually saw Annalee dancing, they went to a table, and got her to come over to them. While she danced for them Smith took a sample of her DNA and verified that she was in fact Annalee Thomas. The girl reacted to the scratch by telling the team that if they wanted the rough stuff, it would cost extra, and they would have to speak to the boss.

McIntyre went to the bar and asked to speak to the owner. An man of Asian descent walked up to him, and they began to discuss Annalee. It became obvious to McIntyre that the owner was not about to give up the girl, apparently she was one of his top earners, so once negotiations started to break down, McIntyre pulled his pistol and let the man know how the rest of the evening was going to go. The club owner was completely intimidated, and he backed off, but unfortunately the bouncers did not.

The six bouncers reacted to the gun play quickly. Half of them pulled guns of their own, while the others pulled knives. Smith reacted to the rush of activity by tranquilizing the girl, while Boma and Seif drew their weapons. The bouncers were already in the process of drawing their weapons, so they fired quick shots at McIntyre, luckily the guards were not particularly great shots, so none of the opening salvo struck the Captain. Seif, vibro-shamshir in hand, moved to engage one of the knife fighters, while Boma simply stood up in the booth and started shooting at the pistol wielding bouncers.

As the gunshots rang-out in the bar, the party quickly gained the upper-hand. Within a few short moments everyone in the bar was aware of who exactly was in charge there, and it wasn’t the bouncers. Collecting the girl the party moved out of the bar, over the bodies of a couple of bouncers, before any local authorities could show up.

Once on their way to the docking bay the party did briefly run into a few cops, but McIntyre was able to convince them that the troublemakers were still in the bar. The cops were easily fooled, and they rushed away to deal with the situation.

The crew boarded their ship, and left the enclave as quickly as possible, bee-lining for the edge of the System, and its Heaven’s Gate. The trip took a few hours, but when no one followed the party began to feel safe.

When the team got to the Cathedral Station, they made arrangements to take the next Carrier to New Sydney. McIntyre checked with Smith to make sure the girl was still fine. Smith assured the Captain that the girl should remain asleep until the team got to New Sydney. Eventually they were docked onto the Carrier, and as the team waited, they saw the Gate activate, and an unusual ship blaze through.

The incoming ship was in the cruiser class of capital ships, and vaguely resembled an over-sized hammer. Before anyone could react to what was an obviously non-church ship, it opened fire on the nearest Carrier. The neighboring ships returned fire, and soon the Cathedral Station responded as well. The team were stuck as spectators, since their ship was already locked into a carrier.

Within the opening moments of the battle, the invading ship moved close enough to the team that they were able to make out some markings on the ship; it was called Mjöllnir, and she was headed their way. As the ship moved over their Carrier, small pods broke off and smashed into the Carrier’s hull. Within moments the sounds of combat could be heard outside of the ships docking ramp.

Captain McIntyre commanded the majority of the crew to take defensive positions up on the catwalk above the cargo area, while he sent Mendoza to the bridge to get the Sue disconnected from the Carrier. McIntyre told Smith to stay in the med center and defend the girl, while he and Seif took positions at the top of the catwalk stairs. Boma moved around to a good firing position, so he could create a cross-fire, and Gabby stood before the door to his beloved engine room.

The enemies opened the docking ramp, and came barreling in. There were four of them at first, each standing between 6 and 7 feet tall wielding Vibro-Battleaxes as they came; the ship was under attack from Berserkers. The berserkers were forced to channel themselves up the stair towards McIntyre, but Seif’s lust for battle caused him to rush down to two of the foes. One even went towards Gabby.

Boma cut loose with shots from his twin pistols, while the Captain did the same with his one. The enemies proved to be very tough, and even though they were unarmored, their skin seemed unnaturally strong. The team had only managed to kill two of the attackers when two more berserkers came on board, followed by a goliath of a man standing close to 12 feet tall. The Berserker Lord moved forward with slow ponderous steps, as he bellowed in a frightening War Cry.

Boma switched to shooting at the Berserker Lord, aiming for head shots every time. The beast proved to be significantly more dangerous than his companion as several of Boma’s shots merely bounced off of his thickened skull. McIntyre engaged a single berserker on the stair way while Gabby moved to aid Seif who was trying to fight three of them at the same time.

Seif did his best, even managing to drop one of them, before he was knocked down by their devastating blows. Before the berserkers could finish off Seif though, Gabby cam barreling into them, and did his best to keep them busy.

Unfortunately for McIntyre, this left the Berserker Lord for him. Some of Boma’s shots seemed to stun the monster here and there, but it powered forward, and took massive swings at McIntyre with its twin Vibro-Axes. McIntyre ducked and spun, sometimes resorting to totally defensive tactics to keep the brute off of him, in the end though Boma’s shots added up, and the final one blew the top of the creatures head off. As the thing’s head exploded, the team was treated to the site of black ichor spilling forth from it, with squirming worm-like creatures crawling out of the remains of its skull.

Repulsed by the sight of the creatures remains, Boma was unable to act for a few moments. McIntyre steeled himself against the sight, and sped down to help Gabby finish off the last of the invaders. At the Captain’s request Smith grabbed one of the worms for a sample. Mendoza finally broke the ship loose of the Carrier’s couplings, and the party got some distance between them and the space battle.

Once they were safe, the party spaced the bodies, and torched the remaining worms. Once the ship was cleansed, and the battle seemed to be over the team went back to the Gate to find that the hammer ship, one of the Carriers, and a handful of smaller ships had been destroyed.

The team docked back with the Carrier, and eventually made it to New Sydney. Of course before they left The Church made sure to charge them extra for the damaged couplers.

On New Sydney the team met with Mr. Henderson, and several of his family members. They delivered the now awake Annalee to them, who upon seeing them told Mr. Henderson that while she wasn’t usually into group jobs, as long as they were willing to pay extra, she would take care of the whole lot of ‘em.

As the session closed the party found some amusement in Mr. Henderson’s new daughter-in-law, and wondered where their next job would take them.

The Twelfth Day of May in the Two Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty Second Year of our Lord.

Before the first Session
The Gates of Heaven and the Catholic Church

The history of this setting begins with the United States’ 7th mission to Mars in 2075. This fateful mission was an exploration mission to Cydonia (This is where the face image is at on Mars). The mission discovered the first evidence of intelligent extraterrestrial life. What they found there was some kind of advanced ruins, that appeared to be an observation post where The Observers were apparently studying mankind. From the remains of The Observers’ post we would find technology well beyond that of mankind.

While man would never be able to understand the language of The Observers species, they would reverse engineer much of their technology. From them we learned how to manipulate gravity, artificially alter the mass of an object, derive energy through cold fusion, build Stasis Pods, achieve near-lightspeed travel, and most importantly we would find the location of Sol’s Heaven’s Gate.

The Heaven’s Gate for the Sol system floats just outside of the Kuiper belt, it would take mankind 25 more years after the discovery of Cydonia before we would make it out to find the gateway to the rest of the galaxy. Over the course of the next 5 years we would study the gate and build a space station from the few metals that could be found within the Kuiper belt. When the gate was finally opened, mankind sent many probes through, but never managed to get any to return. When it was finally decided that only a manned mission could crack the secrets of the Heaven’s Gate.

The crew that went through was comprised of twenty of the finest minds on earth; masters of various sciences, were joined by several military men and a chaplain that would also act as the ship’s counselor. The goal of the mission was to enter the Gate, perform some scans, and then turn around and reopen the gate from the other side. In the end it was only the most marginal of successes. The crew that went through the Gate were wracked with madness when they got inside; this Gate-induced madness would come to be known as Awestruck, and its effects would be the most feared aspect of space travel. Only one man escaped the mission unaffected by the event, Father John Rossman.

Father Rossman explained that after entering the Gate the ship was floating in a massive area of near blinding light. After activating the ships blast shields to cover all of the windows the ship was free to examine Gate Space, and discovered at least twelve other Gates floating in the light with them. The team started trying to connect to any of the Gates, so they could get them open, but the process was slightly different when opening them from within Gate Space. Over the course of the next few days the crew began to exhibit various levels of mental instability. Father Rossman tried to hold the crew together, but once some of the crew became homicidal he locked himself away from the rest of the crew with some of the more docile but still mentally unstable crew. Father Rossman was eventually able to get these few crew members to coble together a program that would reopen the gate from the inside, and with this program in hand Father Rossman commandeered the ship’s bridge, and took the ship back to Sol.

What happened within the Gate has officially been declared, by The Church, as experiencing the Face of God. Only Father Rossman and the other Gatekeepers who have lived through the experience of Gate Space can attest to it. They say that it is like have your whole mind, body, and soul filled with a constant thrumming of power. They state that this power expresses itself as a presence, and that only men of True Faith can survive the experience.

Officially Father Rossman was a citizen of the United States, but once the powers of the world started trying to unravel the mysteries of what happened within the Gate, and make claims on the right to question and examine Father Rossman, The Church stepped in and used their position as an independent nation to claim their citizen, Father Rossman, and return him to Vatican City. With Father Rossman secured within Church controlled land, The Church leadership studied Father Rossman and from him they learned how to identify the most ardent followers of The Faith. These few people would come to be known as Gatekeepers, and, to date, they are the only people who can survive awake within Gate Space.

Many independent nations, and religious groups would try to send manned missions through the Gate, but none would ever survive the process. Various levels of automated missions were tried as well, but they found equal doom. In the end only The Church has ever been able to produce a person capable of navigating Gate Space. The shift of power was quick and extreme. Common people took this as a sign of God’s power, and the ranks of the Catholic faith swelled to levels never before seen.

With dominance over travel through the Heaven’s Gate secured The Church moved humanity into the stars. While The Church never formally took power over mankind, its absolute control over interstellar travel gave them all the edge they needed to influence the course of human history to the present day.

The Church would send its own Church faithful crews into the Gates to explore and chart the Galaxy. They have discover over one hundred Gates so far, the most significant of which would be the Gate to New Rome. Said to be the system that orbits around the star that guided the Three Wisemen to the birthplace of Jesus Christ. New Rome would become the seat of power for The Church. Father Rossman himself is the Gatekeeper that found the system, and by Church edict only the most loyal of Church faithful can over travel to New Rome. From this location The Church’s College of Cardinals shape the interstellar powers.

Over the course of the last 900 years mankind has colonized over one hundred star systems, and established permanent communities on almost as many planets within those worlds. Early in the process of colonization the old Sol governments would try to maintain control over the colonies, but in the end the difficulties of communicating across light-years of space would prove insurmountable. With the support of The Church many colonies would rebel against their distant governments and establish feudal kingdoms centered around their individual star systems. As the power of the old nations crumbled mankind would fall under the rule of various System Lords, each with mastery of their star system. As the System Lords rose to power, moments would come where two or more systems would disagree about various matters of state, and when this would happen The Church would intercede by only allowing combat to happen at a pre-ordained location: The Battleground.

With the ability to control war, interstellar travel, and communications, The Church is the greatest power in the galaxy, below them rest the System Lords, and below them are the Interstellar Corporations. While each Lord fancies himself a King, none question the power of The Church openly, for fear of The Church executing its greatest power Excommunication: The process by which The Church denies all travel to or from a system; effectively cutting it off from the rest of humanity. In the realm of interstellar travel Excommunication is effectively a death sentence. Almost no systems have absolutely everything they need to survive on their own, and the few that could do not wish to lose the economic and social connections with the rest of humanity. Still a few systems have secured the anger of The Church, and have payed the ultimate price for it.

Without the ability to enter open combat at will, the System Lords and other power groups are forced to act through intermediaries. This is where the PCs come in. There is good work available to people willing to travel between the stars. They will find adventure and profit great enough to fill anyone’s cup, and through such work may eventually find themselves a place of legend in the galaxy.


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