The Swiss Guard

The Swiss Guard is the Miltary arm of The Holy Roman Church. They are an all volunteer military, and composed entirely of Roman-Catholic Christians. The training and indoctrination process of this military is so intense, that the vast majority of recruits will not pass the basic course. Approximately 30% of all recruits will go on to graduate, and become Swiss Guards.

These Blue and Yellow clad soldiers are the most feared fighting forces in all the galaxy. Their kill ratio averages at 1:50, and their entrance into a conflict usually signals the end of that conflict.

The Guards, as they are usually called, are used for everything from Cathedral Station troops to Papal Bodyguards. Most Guards will be used as reinforcements to Church-loyal System armies where they will see some form of combat in their first four years of service. After having served as general shock troops for at least their first four year term, the most elite individuals will be asked to reenlist, and go on to serve in the more elite positions like The Papal Navy, New Rome Defense Force, The Knights Templar, The Knights Hospitaller, and The Church Intelligence Services (CIS pronounced Sis).

Most units wear the Blue and Yellow colors that that they are known for, but elite units wear colors associated with their order. For Example: The Knights Templar wear White with a Red Cross, the Navy wears Black with Yellow, Church Intelligence Services are Gray and Blue.

The Swiss Guard

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