The Styx System is an Industrial powerhouse. It is extremely rich in Mineral and Gas resources, and it has extensive heavy industry on three of its worlds.

The Fifth planet from the System’s Primary is where the System takes its name from. The Planet Styx had a breathable atmosphere at one time, but the massive industrialization of the world, tilted its ecology into collapse, and the atmosphere of this world has been rendered toxic.

The people of Styx live in domed cities, and underground. While the labor enclaves of this system are some of the most oppressive in the galaxy, the people remain incredibly loyal. The zeal of the people is attributed to the patriarchy of the Gonthar Dynasty, currently embodied in the System Lord: Iron Lord Marcius Gonthar III.

Since this System is completely incapable of producing its own food, it relies on constant imports of materials from other systems. It most common trading partner is Hyboria. The relationship between these two worlds has been extremely violent in the past, with Styx using its industrial might to produce massive fleets and then using the threat of war to get the foods it needs from its militarily weaker trading partner. The most recent confrontation between the two systems was ended when a political marriage was formed between the two Systems ruling families.


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