Pope Constantine II

Pope Constantine II was born John Rossman of the United States of America. John Rossman grew up in Boston, Massachusetts, and went on to attend the Harvard Department of Psychology, but through his devotion to the Catholic Church, he would eventually follow the path to priesthood. Wanting to serve his country as well he would go on to be commissioned into the U.S. Air Force as a Chaplain. Father Rossman served with distinction, and acted as both Priest and Counselor.

He wrote several books on surviving the rigors of isolation involved in Space Travel. The books are probably the reason why he was chosen for the Pathfinder Mission. Pathfinder was a mission to enter the first Heaven’s Gate, the location of which was discovered after the events at Cydonia. The crew that went through was comprised of twenty of the finest minds on earth; masters of various sciences, were joined by several military men and a Father Rossman who would act as the ship’s counselor. The goal of the mission was to enter the Gate, perform some scans, and then turn around and reopen the gate from the other side. In the end it was only the most marginal of successes. The crew that went through the Gate were wracked with madness when they got inside; this Gate-induced madness would come to be known as Awestruck, and its effects would be the most feared aspect of space travel. Only one man escaped the mission unaffected by the event, Father Rossman.

Father Rossman explained that after entering the Gate the ship was floating in a massive area of near blinding light. After activating the ships blast shields to cover all of the windows the ship was free to examine Gate Space, and discovered at least twelve other Gates floating in the light with them. The team started trying to connect to any of the Gates, so they could get them open, but the process was slightly different when opening them from within Gate Space. Over the course of the next few days the crew began to exhibit various levels of mental instability. Father Rossman tried to hold the crew together, but once some of the crew became homicidal he locked himself away from the rest of the crew with some of the more docile but still mentally unstable crew. Father Rossman was eventually able to get these few crew members to cobble together a program that would reopen the gate from the inside, and with this program in hand Father Rossman commandeered the ship’s bridge, and took the ship back to Sol.

What happened within the Gate has officially been declared, by The Church, as experiencing the Face of God. Only Father Rossman and the other Gatekeepers who have lived through the experience of Gate Space can attest to it. They say that it is like having your whole mind, body, and soul filled with a constant thrumming of power. They state that this power expresses itself as a presence, and that only men of True Faith can survive the experience.

Officially Father Rossman was a citizen of the United States, but once the powers of the world started trying to unravel the mysteries of what happened within the Gate, and make claims on the right to question and examine Father Rossman, The Church stepped in and used their position as an independent nation to claim their citizen, Father Rossman, and return him to Vatican City. With Father Rossman secured within Church controlled land, The Church leadership studied Father Rossman and from him they learned how to identify the most ardent followers of The Faith. These few people would come to be known as Gatekeepers, and, to date, they are the only people who can survive awake within Gate Space.

Gatekeeper Rossman would lead the Human Race into the Galaxy. He is personally credited with finding over a dozen Systems, but the only one he cared about finding was the one he searched for after receiving a vision from God. Said to be the system that orbits around the star that guided the Three Wisemen to the birthplace of Jesus Christ, New Rome would become the seat of power for The Church.

After serving as head of all Gatekeepers for many years, Rossman would be appointed directly to the Papacy. While it is rare that someone receives the call to the Papacy without being a Cardinal first, it is not unheard of. No one doubted his commitment or contributions to The Church, so when Pope Michael I died in 2132, it was easily accepted that John Rossman would be appointed as the first U.S. born Pope.

Rossman would take Constantine II as his Regnal Name, and would reign until 2180.

Pope Constantine II

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