John Smith

John Smith is a bit of an enigma. He is a retired guardsmen medic, that apparently has seen more action in his six years of service than any man would ever want to. Being a former member of the Swiss Guard ensures him of being disliked by both The Church, since he has left them; and by most others, since they will always suspect him of being a Church spy. Still, Smith apparently needs the money, and he hires on with Captain McIntyre, and the crew of The Run Around Sue.

Smith mostly keeps to himself, but he always treats everyone with respect, even going so far as to call the Captain “Sir” every time he speaks to him. Smith did sign on with one caveat, he refuses to fight. He will run into combat to save anyone, and render medical aid whenever possible, but he refuses to kill again.

Recently, Smith revealed himself to still be in service to The Church, having only hired on with the crew of the Sue, to be able to find the source of the drug known as Ink. He abandoned the crew to crash on an uncharted world, but not before waking the Captain, which allowed McIntyre to save the crew’s lives. Even with this act of mercy, the crew plan their revenge, should they survive their doomed fate.

When he left the ship, Maria Vargas also disappeared, leading the crew to question what her connection is with Smith and The Church.

John Smith

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