The Hyboria System is named after its most populous world with an atmosphere that is very similar to that of Earth. Eight planets orbit the Hyborian Star including two asteroid belts. The world is roughly 80% ocean with four Island continents. It is an agrarian world with a large agricultural industry as well as a large fishing industry that takes advantage of the large and teeming oceans. All four continents stretch across the equatorial band of the planet and have a pleasant and temperate climate that can be warm to tropical at the actual equator of the world. There are no polar land masses, though large giant ice caps are present with some of the Ice being harvested for interstellar trade to planets that lack water. Each Continent is ruled by a Clan and all four clans get together to hold a Moot that elects the High Thane who will act as system lord for 10 years, and is ordained and anointed by The Church. The Asteroid belts are home to mining operations where they mine and collect hard minerals and chemicals used to trade with neighboring systems. This keeps most hard and pollution causing industries off of Hyboria herself.

Hyboria has a proud and long tradition. Many European and American colonists were the first to inhabit Hyboria and her culture is heavily influenced by hardy Scottish, Scottish Canadian and Irish settlers. Sometimes Clans may go to war with each other over mineral or land rights, but these wars are kept short and decisive in the interests of Hyboria’s sovereignty. They are in good standing with the Church.

Hyboria has a small but highly effective and well trained Navy and each Clan maintains a standing army. They have twice in their history been attacked by foreign systems with larger forces and twice have repelled these attacks victoriously in The Battleground.

The Styx system ruled by the Iron Lord of Styx has been a looming threat to Hyboria for some time. Styx is ruled by the Iron Lord Marcius Gonthar III. Styx is a highly industrialized system and there is an uneasy agreement between the two systems. Hyboria sends large exports of food, fish and ice to the desolate worlds of the system in exchange for the manufactured items produced on the factory worlds of Styx. Styx also maintains a large and skilled fleet.

Styx was poised to declare war on Hyboria, however, both systems were viewed by the Church as far to valuable to risk the destruction or depletion of one over the other, where Hyboria with her rich farms and agricultural industry was known for her devout loyalty the Church and rich tithes and Styx with her massive industry supplied the Church with materials and construction for the Cathedral Stations, Church Carriers and not a small amount of weapons for The Swiss Guard and Crusader ships.

The Church interceded to find a ‘diplomatic’ solution. They chose Molly Murdoch, daughter to the High Thane, to marry to Iron Lord Marcius Gonthar III. Some controversy had surrounded the marriage that forged the alliance between these two very different systems and it almost didn’t happen. Clan Murdoch was the ruling clan under High Thane Charles Murdoch. His daughter Molly Murdoch was of high station, had been promised to marry a McIntyre noble. The two had already fallen in love. Despite their relationship, Molly had been offered in marriage to the Iron Lord of Styx and was told to end her relationship with the McIntyre noble. After heated debate among the Clans, the High Thane overruled them and agreed to the Church’s solution. The McIntyre noble refused to comply, and instead challenged the Murdoch Family to a duel. The Daniel Murdoch, son of Charles Murdoch and brother to Molly, stepped forward to defend his father’s decision.

What happened next is dependent upon which side of the argument a person sits upon. Most will say the duel was fair, but some claim that the Murdoch boy cheated; either way the McIntyre Noble was forced to capitulate to the marriage, and his name was erased from the clan’s records for the shame he brought upon his family. Molly, though reluctant, married the much older and, rumored deviant and cruel, Iron Lord Marcius. Thus the alliance was forged and the two systems have supported each other since.

Clan McIntyre is split on the issue, and many believe that this ‘nameless’ noble got a raw deal and hold Clan Murdoch in contempt as cowards for avoiding a war that Hyboria could possibly win, while the other half in the interests of the greater good supported the compromise and support Clan Murdoch. Many fear that this point may become the basis for a new Clan war, but most believe it will simply be a point of contention during the Moots to come.


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