Boma was once an inmate at the Magnagalia prison where inmates who are sentenced to more than 100 years are forced to receive tattoos that cover most of their bodies so that they never forget the crimes they have committed. Boma was incarcerated for multiple murders shortly after being dishonorably discharged from his countries’ mandatory military service after something went wrong in a top secret program he had been “volunteered” for.

After serving the first 7 years of his sentence, Boma escaped from prison and went in search of his “Bunny.” His Bunny is his younger sister, Usagi, that he lost contact with after starting his prison sentence. Not knowing why, this one task is the only driving force pushing him forward. Since escaping, Boma tends to question random women on the streets and asks them “Are you my Bunny?”

The details of his crimes and the path he has chosen are unclear and unknown to Boma, most likely due to side effects of the program he was a part of and the torture he endured during prison. Boma is also constantly tortured by images/ghosts of Bunny as well as people from the program.

Boma tends to keep to himself as much as possible. He is very distrustful of other people and believes most people are without any good in them. Boma has moved from system to system, following lead after lead looking for his Bunny. On occasion, Boma will work as a mercenary to fund his search efforts. He is a skilled fighter due to his military training and prefers to use dual firearms most of the time. Being an illegal and convict he spends most of his time hiding and staying in the shadows.


“Have you seen my Bunny?”


“Bunny, where are you, my Bunny?”


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