Barry McIntyre

They call him The Breeze

They call him “The Breeze” cause he doesn’t like to stay in one system for too long. Rumor has it that Barry might be related to some well to do System Lord from one of the more civilized systems and was kind of a black sheep. He may have been a ranking officer in the Lords household fleet, but was too much of a Maverick for his own good and eventually left his privilged status and life behind to chart a course for the fringe worlds.

This could be true, as The Breeze is known as a gifted tactician, and has the bearing of someone with some kind of military training. The Breeze loves his ship, The Run Around Sue. She’s not much to look at but she has it where it counts and she’s been modded here and there for the types of work The Breeze usually takes on. She has a decent hold and is faster then most ships in her class, and fast enough to outrun most system patrols.

The Breeze is a laid back Captain, but when the shit hits the fan, he makes it clear who the Captain is. He is good with a gun, and in a brawl and fancies himself good with cards or a pool que, though he tends to have trouble knowing when to quit when he’s ahead. He has a way with the ladies, but much like his name, he doesn’t like to grow too attached to just one, and when things get serious, that’s usually when he feels the itch to take the Sue on to the next system, and when it comes down to it, she’s really the only woman that has his heart.

The Breeze also has a love of ancient rock music from Sol, and loves to play it when he’s up on the bridge, particularly the ‘Southern Rock’ and ‘Blues’ genres. Though he has no love or loyatly for the church he does make the sign of the cross when faced with a particularly grave situation and on the rare occasions he does find himself in a church or chapel has been seen to kneel and pay the proper respects. He has a problem with authority types, but knows better then to poke a lawdog with a stick if the situation requires discretion.

Barry McIntyre

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