Heaven's Gate

October 17th, 2009 Session

I ain’t no Chemist, I’m a Captain of a Ship

The Twenty Fourth Day of May in the Two Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty Second Year of our Lord.

At the opening of the session the team was sitting on Sue, contemplating their relationship with their new employer. Following Carter’s instructions, McIntyre, Boma, and Seif head down to The Snake Pit to find out about their next job.

The Pit is a different place early in the morning. The team was treated to the view of the bar’s staff dragging out those customers that were too drunk, or dead, to walk out under their own power the previous evening. They head in, a bouncer said hi to them, and after being told where the team was headed, pointed them towards a door that read “Private”.

The team stepped up to the door, and found another guard in front of it. They told the guard who they are, and he opened the door to see if Carter was ready for them. Some swearing and yelling from Carter at his bodyguard passed, and the party was sent into the room. Carter was smiling from ear-to-ear as the team came in. The office is of good size, but the only chair is the one that Carter is sitting in behind his nice oak desk. Forced to stand in front of the desk, McIntyre asked Carter what their next job was, and after some gloating, Carter told them to go to the Nippon System, and pick-up a “Package” for him. He then threw them a card with the name Hanzo Sakurai, and an E-Net number scrawled on to it. McIntyre asked what their cut is, and Carter told them that he will give them ₱12,000 plus Gate costs and fuel.

The team headed back to the ship to check with the Tortuga Cathedral Station, and found out that they were looking at a day and a half wait before a ship to Nippon would be available. They killed the time by doing a little shopping, to replace some of the gear and ammo that was used up during their last job. Seif even took some time to wire some cash back to New Mecca for his family.

₱1,600, a blessing, and a Gate Trip later, they were in Nippon looking for Sakurai. Dialing up the contact, they were directed to land in Neo-Tokyo, and come to a street address. Once they were on the ground, McIntyre, Boma, Seif, and Gabby headed downtown to find the address. Neo-Tokyo is a sensory-overload, but without too many difficulties the team was able to navigate their way through.

As the team closed in on their destination, Boma recognized some of the graffiti, as the signs of the Green Lotus Clan of Yakuza. When they finally arrived at the address they found a nightclub that is also marked with the Green Lotus symbols. They headed to the door where a Sumo-sized man was standing guard. The guard and Boma exchanged words, in Japanese, for a bit, and eventually the guard pointed down an alley for them to “Go around back”. Heading down the dark alley the team found a metal door, with a sliding peephole slot set into it. The door was locked, and after knocking a man opened the slot to look out at them. The team said that they are there to see Sakurai, and are let in. They were escorted into a smoky illegal gambling hall, where they were taken to Sakurai, who was towards the back of the hall gambling on cards with several business men.

Sakurai greeted them coolly, but when they revealed that they are there for Carter’s package, he warmed some, and sent a man into another room. The man returned with two brown paper packages about the size of a briefcase each. McIntyre seemed a little shocked, that the two packages were all he was picking up, but took them. Sakurai offered McIntyre the chance to sit down at the table, or enjoy themselves in the establishment, but McIntyre declined. Back on the ship McIntyre made a brief jest by laying the two small packages in the middle of his large cargo hold, before eventually giving them to Gabby to store in one of their hidden compartments.

₱1,600, a blessing, and a Gate Trip later, they were back in Tortuga to turn in the package to Carter. McIntyre, Boma, and Seif went to Carter’s Office, and once there they delivered the goods. Carter looked excited, and somewhat surprised by the amount that the team had returned with, but his joy was short-lived when he opened the packages to reveal bags of a white powdery substance.

“What the fuck is this?”, yelled Carter. Carter went on to yell that he was supposed to be getting Ink, not NovaCoke. He berated McIntyre, and wondered out-loud what kind of idiots he has working for him. McIntyre attempted to defend himself, by saying that this is what he was given by Sakurai, but Carter didn’t seem to care. Eventually he calmed down enough to knock the packages off of his desk at McIntyre, and order him to cut the product down, and distribute it.

McIntyre had had enough, and yelled back, “I ain’t no Chemist, I’m a Captain of a Ship.” From there the argument got worse as Carter tried to bully McIntyre around with threats about the debt he is owed, and how Carter could try and collect it, but McIntyre was unmoved.

Carter changed tactics, and asked McIntyre if he wanted the chance to make it right. The Captain relented, and accepted a new deal to return the Nova-Coke to Sakurai, and return with the Ink.

₱1,600, a blessing, and a Gate Trip later, they were back in Nippon to see Sakurai. When they called over to Sakurai, his men answered, but refused to put him through. The team was told to wait, and they would be contacted with an appointment time. A few hours later, the team had grown tired of waiting, and they headed down to Sakurai’s gambling hall to find the Yakuza boss.

They got to the metal door then knocked, but the man behind the peep-hole told them to go away, and slid it shut. McIntyre knocked again, but this time he had a Flechette Rifle pointed at the mouth of the little sliding door. When the flunky answered he was quickly moved to let them in. The team made their way to the game room, and when they arrived, they found several guards with their hands on weapons too.

Sakurai stopped things before they got out of control and told McIntyre to put his weapon down. McIntyre lowered the barrel of his rifle down, and once he did the whole room seemed to relax. The team approached Sakurai, and gave him the Nova-Coke, then demanded the Ink that Carter had asked for. Sakurai seemed confused, and told them that the deal was for Nova-Coke, and that if they wanted Ink, that would be quite a bit more. Sakurai offered to buy back the Nova-Coke at ₱10,000, and then sell them the Ink, but McIntyre had decided that he was done with being Carter’s bitch, and just took the money with the intention of walking.

Sakurai saw how angry McIntyre was, and smelled a deal in the making. Sakurai explained to the team that he really wanted a piece of the Tortuga market, but Carter had that are cornered. He suggested that if something were to happen to Carter’s business, then he would be very thankful. The team asked how much Sakurai was offering for eliminating Carter. Sakurai offered ₱50,000 for putting an end to Carter’s enterprise, ₱100,000 for killing Carter and bringing back proof, and ₱150,000 for bringing Carter back to him alive. McIntyre grinned, and the team took the deal.

₱1,600, a blessing, and a Gate Trip later, they were back in Tortuga to get Carter. The team took some time to settle out how they would do things, but it was decided that they would get Mendoza to call on a past love interest of his Maria Vargas. It turned out that Mendoza had received one of his numerous scars after getting roughed up by some of Carter’s men when he had “just kissed” Maria in The Snake Pit. The team banked on Maria being able to get a mickey into Carter. The mickey was concocted by Smith, and was meant to be ingested in a drink.

To get down to the planet, the team called on Mendoza’s cousin Luis Mendoza to take them down on his Tug. Once they arrived, they checked into a motel, and called Maria. Maria rushed to the motel, thinking that she was going to get the chance to be with Mendoza, and when she arrived greeted Mendoza at the door by opening her coat to reveal her naked form; the team was quite impressed, even Seif stole a glance or two.

Maria was shocked, but not too embarrassed, and McIntyre told her what they really called her over for. At first it looked like Maria was too scared to do the job, but McIntyre, who is not without his own charms, was able to persuade her to join in, the ₱2,000 he promised her helped too. By the end of the meeting, Maria had warmed up quite a bit to McIntyre, and gave him a look that promised an interesting working relationship was in the offing.

While McIntyre and Maria discussed the job offer, Seif, and Mendoza went to check out Carter’s Residence. All of Tortuga was, at one time, a giant mine, and the houses there had been built directly into the walls of the mining tunnels, and caverns. When Seif and Mendoza got close enough to Carter’s house they saw that it was on the edge of a large cavern. The buildings in the center of the cavern were built in a more traditional standard, as free-standing buildings, but Carter’s residence was against the wall of the cavern, and as such it was fairly inaccessible from anywhere other than the front door. In appearance, it looked like someone took a three-story townhouse from 20th Century New York City, and shoved it into the wall leaving only about one foot sticking out. Seif quickly realized that the house would need a source of air since the windows were all locked closed, and called back to McIntyre and Boma for advice.

Boma got on-line and checked with the city’s systems, to discover a massive air recycling center that serviced all of the cavern, and the individual buildings through massive air ducts. The team hoped that they could use this system to enter Carter’s home. Boma was able to find an expert hacker, to get into the Air Filtration Center’s computer system, and download some plans for the duct work. From there the party was able to locate the duct that would take them to Carter’s house.

With Maria on-board, the team began to move forward with their plan. Maria’s only major concern was how the party was going to get Carter past El Toro; McIntyre dismissed her concern, and told her not to worry about it.

The next step was to get access to the air duct system, and for that the team found a house on the same leg of duct as Carter’s house that was for sale. They Convinced the real estate agency that they needed to see the house that evening, and were on a short timetable. The company sent out a sales rep, and when she arrived she took them in to see the house. She seemed particularly taken with Mendoza, and was completely shocked when the team pulled out there guns. McIntyre calmed her down, and took her into one of the back rooms, where he and Mendoza stood guard. Seif went to the Heating and cooling room to get into the vent system. Boma took off so he could get setup in the alley across from Carter’s house.

Things were going well for the party: Seif was in the duct work waiting to enter Carter’s house, Boma was setup on a fire escape across from the house, and McIntyre was just waiting on Maria’s call. From Boma’s vantage he was able to ID five guards on the main floor, a housekeeper, Maria and three other mistress. Within a couple of hours, Boma saw Carter, three goons, and a large Hispanic man coming down the street; he assumed that was El Toro. As he watched Carter’s entourage entered the house, and in a few moments Carter and Maria retired to Carter’s room. As Boma watched the rest of Carter’s crew moving around, he spied one more guard for a total of ten including El Toro.

Maria called McIntyre a short while later to let him know that Carter was out. McIntyre left Mendoza to watch the Realtor woman, with the strict instructions that he was not to harm her. Mendoza assured that he “won’t touch her.” McIntyre then got into the duct work, and came down to where Seif was, while Seif slipped down the single line duct to Carter’s house. Seif deftly disconnected the duct from the Air Conditioning unit, and slid into the furnace room. He checked the door, and watched as the guards in the living room celebrated a score in the sports game that they were watching. Seif took the distraction, and slipped into the kitchen; from there it was another set of cheering before he got to the stairs to go up to the second floor. When he got onto the stairwell he could see El Toro and one guard in front of the stairs to the third floor room where Boma had last seen Maria and Carter. Seif was stuck at this point, as El Toro kept looking towards the staircase. Seif would need a distraction if he was to get any further.

McIntyre called Maria, and told her to call El Toro upstairs. Maria did, and Boma watched as El Toro came up the stairs to check on Carter. While El Toro was checking the unconscious form of Carter, Seif slipped the rest of the way onto the floor above, and sliced through the neck of the guard before he could call for help. Boma took a head shot at El Toro with his sniper rifle. The shot was perfect, and should have dropped El Toro on impact, but the window that Boma was shooting through was some kind of high density polymer, and while the round did go through, it completely spider-webbed the window, so Boma could not see what the end result was. As soon as the window broke though, an alarm went off throughout the entire house, and all hell broke loose.

Downstairs, the guards reacted by running towards the kitchen, and the stairs leading up to the bedrooms, McIntyre slipped out behind one of them, and ran him through with his Vibro-Rapier. On the second floor, two guards ran out of one of the mistresses bedrooms with pistols and their underwear, shooting at Seif. Seif was rattled for a moment, but otherwise unharmed. Seif quickly moved to melee with them so they would be less effective. Mean while up on the third floor Boma could not see anything but shadows moving around, and was unwilling to take a shot, so he instead popped a shot at a guard in front of the building. Even with the melee he was engaged in, Seif could here heavy footsteps upstairs, a loud slap, and a woman scream, and then an ominous thump. Apparently the shot through the window was slowed down too much by the Plexiglas, and El Toro was still alive.

The following few moments were shaky McIntyre, Boma, and Seif were all able to finish off another guard, but then the battle started to even out. El Toro, bleeding slightly from a grazing shot on his head, came downstairs to double team Seif with the remaining guard on the second floor, while three guards kept McIntyre busy downstairs. Boma dropped from the fire escape into a pile of garbage bags landing safely. He tried to get a bead into the first floor, but by then McIntyre had finished off two more of his guys. Upstairs El Toro produced a one-handed sledgehammer, and was winging shots into Seif. Seif did his best, but with the guard on one side, and El Toro on the other, he was in a losing situation.

McIntyre ignored the last shooter, and made a run for the stairs. The guard tried to follow him, but Boma was able to pin him down with fire from his sniper rifle from out front. When McIntyre finally made it upstairs, El Toro walked away from a battered Seif to engage him. El Toro was every bit the bull, and his blows rained down on McIntyre; wounding him, but not finishing him.

Downstairs Boma finally finished off the last guard there, and started running in to where the rest of the team was. Meanwhile McIntyre, Seif, El Toro, and the guard were caught in a stalemate, until Seif cut down the guard he was fighting, and moved into a flanking position with McIntyre against El Toro. Seif and McIntyre started to work El Toro over, and had him wounded when Boma finally made it upstairs, leaping a railing, and then drawing his pistols. El Toro moved to take down his newest enemy, but as he did McIntyre took advantage, and stabbed him through the heart from behind.

With all of the combatants dead, the team ran upstairs and collected a battered, but still living, Maria, and the unconscious Carter. They slipped through the ducts back to the house that was for sale. When they got there, they found the woman wiping her mouth with a smile on her face, while Mendoza assured the Captain that he hadn’t done the touching. They ran outside, and jumped in the realtor’s car telling her to drive them away. It was a cramped ride, but when she dropped them within a block of Luis’s house they felt safe. The woman made sure to give her card to Mendoza, and asked him to call her.

Luis rushed the team, Maria, and Carter up to the Sue. On-board Smith checked the crew, and treated everyones wounds. Smith also let the Captain know that they would have difficulty getting a drugged man past the Gate inspection, unless he was wounded. McIntyre gave Carter’s sleeping form a decent wound, and Smith took care of the paperwork.

When they got to the Gate, the priest came on-board, and started to get them prepared to leave, but balked when he came to Carter. He commented that he knew Carter, and had not heard that Carter was planning on leaving system. McIntyre assured him that Carter definitely wanted to leave, but not without making a ₱2,000 donation to The Church. The priest was moved, but indicated that he thought Carter was even more faithful then that, so McIntyre added another ₱2,000. The priest took the donation, and administered Last Rites to Carter, saying how a change of flavor to Tortuga might be just the thing the system needed.

₱1,800, a blessing, and a Gate Trip later, they were back in Nippon. McIntyre had Smith wake Carter so he could make sure Carter would know who had gotten him. At first Carter tried to buy his way out of trouble offering more money than Sakurai, but no matter how high he went the Captain would not budge. Carter than tried to bribe Boma and Seif to turn on McIntyre, but they weren’t interested either.

The team contacted Sakurai and arranged a meet in space to exchange Carter for the money. Sakurai was very pleased to meet them in his yacht out near the asteroid belt. At the meeting, things were slightly tense, but once Sakurai saw his old enemy in handcuffs, he warmed quickly, and gave the team the ₱150,000. They handed Carter over, and Sakurai asked McIntyre to do another job; take four of his men, and their cargo back to Tortuga, so he could setup his new enterprise. McIntyre agreed, and with that Sakurai left the ship. The team watched as Sakurai spaced Carter from his yacht a short while later.

The team settled their new guests into the cargo hold, and hid some of their more questionable cargo into the hidden compartments. Everyone gloried at their new found wealth. McIntyre talked to Gabby about getting the old Sue back up to specs, and Gabby seemed excited to finally have the chance to pour some real cash into the old girl. The only thing out of sorts was Maria; she was no where to be found.

As the session closed Captain McIntyre went into his cabin to find a naked Maria waiting to personally thank her benefactor. McIntyre entered the room, and shut the door behind him, with a smile on his face.

The Fifth Day of June in the Two Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty Second Year of our Lord.



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