Heaven's Gate

October 10th, 2009 Session

I own you.

The Twelfth Day of May in the Two Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty Second Year of our Lord.

As the session opened we found our team on New Sydney, looking for work. Captain McIntyre realizes that the best work will be found on Tortuga, but he would like to get something out of the return trip. McIntyre also thinks about on-board defenses based on how badly the last fight with the Berserkers went. Deciding to try and get both problems solved with one trip into town, McIntyre, Boma, Gabby, and Seif all head into town to look for a firearms shop.

At the weapons dealer the Captain purchases several Flechette Rifles and ammo for them. He gives the new toys to Gabby, and tells him to bring them back to the ship, and set up a Weapons Locker. Some of the team picks up more ammo, but eventually the Captain goes looking for the dockmaster at the New Sydney Starport.

It turns out that the dockmaster does have a few Milk Runs that are available, but they are all bound for destinations other than Tortuga. After a little bit more prodding, the dockmaster finally lets McIntyre know about a Sour Milk Run that is bound for Tortuga. McIntyre takes the contract, and asks if there are any passengers headed to Tortuga too. As it turns out, the dockmaster does have a single passenger that needs to get to Tortuga. McIntyre gets the contact information, and tells the dockmaster to have the passenger come see them the next day, when they will be loading cargo.

Once McIntyre gets back to the ship, he finds an anxious Mendoza bouncing from foot to foot waiting for the anticipated shore leave. The Captain gives everyone their share of the last profit, a little over ₱6,000, and then grudgingly, the Captain gives leave for the crew to head into port for the evening. Mendoza speeds off for trouble and women with his grudgingly acceptant friend Gabby in tow. Boma decides to head into the city to look for his Bunny, and Smith and Seif stay on the ship.

Once his crew are all bound for their personal retreats, Captain McIntyre cleans himself up, and breaks out an old military suit for his own past time. Heading into the nicer side of town, the Captain finds a high class casino, and settles in for an evening of high stakes cards. At first the night does not go so well, with McIntyre breaking even at best, or perhaps even down a bit. When the wee hours of the night finally arrive McIntyre is about to leave, when he notices that the other professional gamblers are going as well; staring at a table of fish proves to tempting for Barry, and he decides to push his luck and endurance for a few more hours. The gamble pays off, and the Captain ends up making enough profit that he can pay for a couple of ladies to join him in his hotel room for a victory celebration.

In the seedier side of town, Boma finds his search to be futile, but thanks to an open eye, he avoids any of the areas dangerous peoples, returning to the ship just after Midnight. A couple hours later Gabby returns with a new black eye and a battered Mendoza over one shoulder. Smith takes care of Mendoza, and a few stitches later the crew are all settled in for the evening.

The next morning the crew awakens to the smells of Smith cooking breakfast in the galley. Everyone enjoys a hot meal together; Smith even gives Seif beef-flavored Soy Sausage rather than pork, and begins to wonder where their captain might be.

Around Noon McIntyre finally returns to the ship, and enjoys another Smith-produced meal with his crew. Once they have a few moments alone Mendoza tries to hit up the Captain for ₱500, because he might owe a bit of money after his evening. McIntyre realizes that Mendoza may have heated up their last few hours on planet, and refuses.

Before the authorities come for Mendoza, the cargo for Tortuga arrives. There are two loads, one set is large and bulky, and the other is fairly small, so it can be stored away in one of the ships hidden compartments. McIntyre makes the necessary arrangements, and by the time he is finished the ships passenger has arrived. The prospective passenger is apparently a nobleman and after he shows his travelling papers, and the cash, the crew welcomes him on board. Accompanying Sir Andreas Richard is his manservant, and when Richard asks for a cabin for him as well, McIntyre takes a small bit of revenge by bumping Mendoza from his cabin.

With everyone settled in the ship leaves port and heads for the Gate. Once there they contact the Station, and arrange their transport for Tortuga. When the Priest arrives to deliver their blessings, and collect the Gate taxes, a heated discussion breaks out between Richard and the Priest. The argument is in Latin, though, and most of the crew can’t speak the language, except for Smith who attempts to feign disinterest. In the end the matter is settled when Richard produces a little extra cash for his Gate tax. Before McIntyre can question Smith the Priest continues his ritual and buttons each of the crew members into their Stasis Pods.

When only the Captain and the Priest are left on the deck, the Priest confronts McIntyre about the “Incident” at the Kir Gare Gate before they came to New Sydney. The Priest and the Captain reach an understanding that what the Captain witnessed was a “Pirate” attack, and not anything else. Once McIntyre agrees to this version of events, the Priest rewards him with a ₱1000 reduction on the Gate Tax.

Upon arrival in Tortuga, the team is greeted by a couple of fighter craft from the Tortuga Navy that offers to escort the ship to the Tortuga moon, for a slightly increased landing tax. McIntyre accepts, feeling that he has no real choice. The ship follows the fighters, navigating the route to the Tortuga moon, while passing the smashed hulks of several starships.

Captain McIntyre stopped Smith for a few minutes to find out about the conversation that transpired between Richard and the Priest. Smith confirmed that he could understand the conversation, and let McIntyre know that Sir Richard was apparently a wanted man. When the Priest had suggested that he should arrest the nobleman, Richard told him that he had a personal vendetta that he had to deal with first, but once that was taken care of, he would go straight to Britannia to turn himself in. Smith made one last note for the Captain, it turned out that Richard spoke his Latin without any kind of accent, a feat that required a remarkable amount of talent for the language, or a revelation that the speaker was from Sol or New Rome.

Once the ship had landed, the party was greeted by the recipients of the cargo containers. They paid McIntyre, and collected their goods. Sir Richard also took his leave of the ship, but before he left he asked the Captain, if he was planning to head to Britannia any time soon. McIntyre told him that it was a possibility, and when Richard offered an exorbitant amount of cash, he agreed to take him.

Looking to squeeze every dime possible out of any trip, McIntyre, Boma, and Seif went to The Snake Pit to find Carter. After some discussion, Carter was able to supply the team with work in Britannia. Carter needed a team of individuals to take care of a transaction for him. It seemed that two parties were going to make an exchange in one of the cities of Britannia, and Carter wanted the merchandise. The agreement was, the team would go to Britannia, and intercept the deal once both parties were present. The team would keep the cash, a purported ₱24,000, and Carter would get the merchandise. It sounded like a decent deal to McIntyre, so he agreed. It would be several days before the deal went down, so with Sir Richard’s flight, and the new job still days away, McIntyre decided to try his luck at the Captain’s Table in the Snake Pit, a friendly game of cards that was open to ship owners only.

McIntyre took Boma with him into the roped off are for the Captains and their Seconds, while Seif stayed at the bar and drank water. McIntyre was having fun, already up several hundred Papes, when Richard showed up in the bar holding his abdominal area, and limping over to the Captain. Richard worked his way to the Captain, and quickly asked him if they could leave the Starport right then. McIntyre started to tell Richard no, when the nobleman added in that he would double the transport fee. McIntyre jumped up and told Boma that it was time to go.

Just as the Captains was scraping his winnings into a bag, the Tortuga police force (Read: Scroungy Nasty Mercs) showed up, and demanded that Richard surrender himself. McIntyre made a casual gesture towards the cash that he had just scored from his fellow Captains, and asked the Sheriff if there was some kind of arrangement that could be made. At first the Sheriff asked for Richard and ₱4,000, to let McIntyre and his crew leave. The Captain told him, “That’s just not gonna work.”, so he gave a secondary offer of Richard, ₱1,000, and the Captain gets to leave with a severe limp. At that point McIntyre and his team drew their weapons, and started in with more aggressive negotiation tactics.

Seif casually slid off of his seat at the bar, and slid towards the Sheriff, and his four deputies. While McIntyre kicked over the table, and took cover. Behind the Captain, Boma stood with his back against the wall, and pulled his twin pistols. Boma’s first shots put two of the deputies down for the fight, while Seif engaged a third deputy in Vibro-Shamshir to Baton combat.

The Sheriff proved to be a crafty one he slid behind a civilian, and used him as cover while he sprayed bursts of rounds into the Captain and Boma. Richard used the confusion to grab cover, and fire a couple of rounds into the combat. Early in the fight, a couple more deputies came into the bar. The new comers ran up to the sides of their Sheriff, and started trying to shoot the team.

The exchanges were bloody and intense, and it was too long before the Captain caught a round. The hit was minimal, but enough that he ducked under cover. Boma had to drop prone too, once the Sheriff turned his Auto-Pistol on him. Things looked a little dicey for a bit, but once Seif got his man, and Boma got another one, things just started going downhill for the cops. It wasn’t long before the team were the last men standing, and Boma was collecting a slightly used Auto-Pistol to add to his collection.

McIntyre and crew grabbed Richard, and got to the ship as quickly as possible. Once on board, Smith treated the wounded, while Mendoza made a beeline for the Gate. When they got to the Gate, they asked for a transport to Britannia, but were told it would be at least 24 hours before the Church Carrier would be leaving for that system. Richard asked if he could speak to the Station, and McIntyre gave him the Mic. Richard spoke in Latin for a few moments, and the next thing the crew heard was the Station control center letting them know which Carrier they should dock with, so they could leave within the hour. The crew wasn’t sure how much Richard paid for the unheard of honor of a solo flight to a system, but they were sealed up and bound for Britannia as soon as they could dock with the Carrier.

Once the team arrived in Britannia Richard asked them to land at one of the Enclaves so he could disembark. As Sir Richard was leaving the ship he gave a business card to McIntyre, and told him that if the Captain ever needed help while in the Britannia system, he need only call, and it would be provided, but just once.

The team made contact with Carter’s business contact that held all of the details for their next job. The man was surprised to here from them so soon, and said he thought it was going to be at least 24 more hours before a Carrier was due to arrive from Tortuga. The party declined giving the contact the details, and instead asked what the plans were. The contact told them that he would meet them in 48 hours in Far York, a city on the main planetoid of Britannia.

The team made way for the Starport at Far York, and once docked the Captain ordered everyone to stay on board so they would be able to avoid any “Mendoza” incidents. Two days later McIntyre, Boma, and Seif went to the Hotel where they were supposed to meet the contact. Once there the team’s contact let them into his Hotel room, where he and two guards waited. The contact told them what room in the hotel the deal would be happening in, and that it would be in 4 hours. After informing the team about the job, the contact left them the room, and took off with his guards in tow.

With no time to lose McIntyre contacted Smith back at the ship, and told him to bring four Flechette Rifles to the Hotel, and be ready for action. While they waited for Smith to arrive Seif climbed into the duct work, and was able to maneuver down to the meeting room, he was even able to get into a position above the room where the deal would take place. From there Seif saw an overweight man, with a briefcase cuffed to his wrist, sitting on the end of the bed watching an entertainment video, while his two guards plaid cards at a small table.

Once Smith had arrived, McIntyre explained his plan of pretending to be cops breaking up an illegal transaction. Boma, McIntyre and Smith all grabbed Flechette Rifles, Smith unloaded his, and waited for Seif to let them know when to get down to the room.

A short time later there was a knock at the fat man’s room door. The fat man sent one of his guards to open the door, and in came an attractive woman with a briefcase and two guards of her own. All of the heavies eyed each other, while the fat man and the woman started the deal process. Seif signaled the team, and they came down to the Hotel room. While he waited for his friends to show up Seif saw the woman display a large amount of cash in the case, but when the fat man showed his cases contents the woman was in the way of Seif’s view.

Once everyone was in position McIntyre kicked the door in and shouted that they were the police. The fat man bought it, and started to freeze, with his two guards following suit; the woman wasn’t buying it though, and she shouted that the team weren’t cops. Then the fighting started.

When the fight broke out, Boma killed one of the woman’s guards with a flechette shot to the belly. Seif dropped right into the middle of the room, and sliced at the woman with his blade. Smith waited outside while McIntyre took a shot from the doorway. The woman touched a latch on her briefcase, and the top handle came out with an Auto-Pistol attached to it. Everyone went looking for cover, the woman’s lone guard jumped into the closet, while she took cover behind a wardrobe. The fat man rolled behind the couch once he realized what was going on, and one of his guards just pulled his pistol and started shooting at Seif. Amazingly, one of the fat man’s guards was caught dead in the middle of most of the fire, and he just panicked and stood there for most of the fight.

With only four real opponents, the team felt confident, but when McIntyre tried to move into the room and take cover in the bathroom, he paid for it with a barrage of shots. Seif didn’t fare much better with his central location making him an easy target. Boma did his usual thing, and started dropping rounds into targets.

In short order the real problem in the fight was revealed to be the woman with the Auto-Pistol. She showed the Captain what a bad idea it was to enter a gun fight without armor. It looked like the Captain was close to buying the farm, or at least putting a down payment on it, when he told Boma to shoot her arm. Boma tried a couple of times, before finally shooting her through the wrist with a pack of flechette needles, separating her from the Auto-Pistol, and her hand.

Once the woman went down ,the room was an exercise in futility for the enemies. The crew dropped the screaming woman, the fat man, and the remaining guards very quickly. Unfortunately for the team, almost everyone had caught a few rounds, so with bruises where the rounds had slapped armor, and the cuts associated with grazing rounds, the team was feeling a little weakened. Seif grabbed the merchandise, and the Captain grabbed the money, he even picked up the woman’s Auto-Pistol at Boma’s behest. While the team prepared to exit there was the sound of a shot in the hallway, and Smith didn’t respond when they called him. Boma moved into the hall, and fired on an assailant who was holding a Flechette Rifle of his own. Boma dropped the target, and checked on Smith. He wasn’t dead, but his back armor had caught a flechette pack at pretty close range, and he was winded by the experience.

Boma could hear more people coming up the front stairs, and warned the team. McIntyre and Seif ran into the hall, and started heading towards the fire exit at the far end of the hall when another man came up the stairs. With his battle adrenaline finally settling down Boma recognized that the man he had just killed was a real cop, and so was the new target. Ignoring the incoming fire, Boma dropped his rifle, grabbed Smith and followed McIntyre as quickly as he could. Before they made it too far, Smith shook off the effects of the shot he took, and started running on his own. It was a good thing that he did too, because once he got into the fire stairwell with Seif and McIntyre, he made them aware of more people coming up the stairwell.

The team got off at the next floor, and from there on out it was all Seif’s stealth calling the shots. Seif led the team down a few hallways, and eventually back down to the lobby, dodging the cops along the way. When they got to the lobby the Concierge tried to stop them. McIntyre tried to bluff his way past, but the Concierge saw the team’s blood, and called out to get them some help. Boma closed the discussion with a Shock Knuckle empowered punch to the jaw of the nice Concierge, but his follow up left did not go so well, and Boma spilled onto the ground. With the whole lobby in an uproar now, the team high-tailed it into the streets, where eventually they were able to find a cook from a Chinese restaurant dumping water into a back alley.

A quick look from McIntyre at the cook, and the cook opened the door fully so the team could dip inside. When they made it to the lobby one of the waiters offered them “The Special”, which apparently included hiding the party in a storeroom for a couple of ours while the heat died down. Giving their thanks, and some cash the team ran back to the ship and got off planet as quickly as they could.

Once in space, and en route to the Gate, the team verified their new found wealth, and checked to see what could possibly be worth the bother. When the merchandise case was opened the team was startled to see two plastic jars inside, one containing a living, and one a non-living specimen of the same kind of worm-things that had crawled out of the Berserker Lord that they killed in Kir Gare.

McIntyre asked Smith how dangerous the things were, and with his educated eye Smith asked if he was also including the fact that the living one was female and pregnant. With that additional information McIntyre surveyed the crew’s opinions. Mendoza was stoked to have the cash, and suggested that the team take the merchandise and sell it on their own rather than give it to Carter. Seif wanted it as a weapon to be given to New Mecca. Smith told the Captain that he could accept giving the merchandise to Carter, but after that he would probably be looking for a new ship in a job or two. Gabby just handed the Captain a spray can of flammable liquid and a lighter as a means of answering the standing question. With that response, McIntyre ordered Smith to destroy the merchandise. Smith took the worms into the Sick Bay, and got rid of them. McIntyre calmed the crew, and told them that he would just have to apologize to Carter, and they would probably just lose the cash.

Things did not go that well when they got to Tortuga. McIntyre called Carter up to explain what happened, but once he told him that the merchandise was destroyed by the targets when they tried to steal it from them, Carter went ballistic. It turned out that Carter had a client lined up to purchase the merchandise for ₱100,000. McIntyre tried to calm Carter, but even with the promise of the ₱24,000, Carter demanded that the Captain and his crew would pay him back every bit of the hundred grand. McIntyre agreed, and then Carter told him that the Captain worked for him now, and he would be taking half of everything they made until his debt was clear.

McIntyre landed at the Starport on the Tortuga moon, and when the ramp dropped the Carter and his men were waiting with a lot of guns pointed at the crew. Carter took the ₱24,000, and then told the team that with that they only needed to get him his ₱100,000, and then things would be even. McIntyre tried to argue that the ₱24,000 was supposed to go towards the ₱100,000, but Carter and his guns disagreed, so McIntyre was forced to relent.

As the session closed the team was contemplating the mess they were in now, and Carter was telling McIntyre, “I own you now. You belong to me until I’m paid.”

The Twenty Fourth Day of May in the Two Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty Second Year of our Lord.



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