Heaven's Gate

January 9th, 2010 Session

Oh, the places we shall go.

The Twenty First Day of July in the Two Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty Second Year of our Lord.

When the session opened the team was left feeling directionless. They were hesitant to approach the idea of getting back to their old way of life. Concerns about the eyes of The Church, caused them to feel like they would be noticed if they attempted to continue business as usual.

Eventually the team decided to see if Seif’s Father if he had any work for them. Excited by the prospect, the Imam mentioned their need to shuttle specific people back to New Mecca. These were men that had left the system, and were now trapped by Church law to not return. The Imam was willing to pay well for the return of certain men, and wanted the team to eventually even help break men out of prisons, to be brought home. The work sounded promising and interesting, so a deal was quickly struck to transport six men back to New Mecca in the next few days from Tortuga.

The team went to the pirate system, and went to their old stomping ground The Snake Pit. McIntyre played some cards with some fellow captains, and heard that Smith had passed through. Jack confirmed this for them, and told them that he had acquired an associate of Smith’s, that he believed was also working for the Sissies. Jack offered to allow McIntyre and the crew an opportunity to “Interview” the man, but they trusted Jack’s specialists to get all of the information they could out of him.

The team decided to try and get Smith, but he had already left system with another captain and crew that were working with Green Lotus Clan. Working with Jack, the team decided they would attempt to intercept Smith on Nippon. With a plan in place, that could not be executed for at least another week, the team proceeded to try and complete their current job as quickly as possible.

The team went to the restaurant where they were to meet their passengers. The team got a booth, and waited for a bit. One of the men they were to meet walked up to their booth, and told them that one of the passengers had been tailed by Church Agents. He revealed that all six passengers were present, but that the agents were watching one of them.

The team decided to go for the direct approach, and they sent Seif close to the Agent’s booth. As soon as Seif was in position, McIntyre and Boma stood up and started shooting the Agents. At that point, all hell broke loose. Boma did his usual work of picking out targets, and riddling them with rounds from his pistols, while Seif tied up his target with his flashy blade work. McIntyre, meanwhile, selected individual targets, putting each down with head-shot after head-shot.

Halfway through the battle, more Agents entered the restaurant, and the team was forced to engage on two fronts. The six Muslim passengers joined in though, and within a short time, the team and their allies had dispatched all of the Agents, while only losing one of their prospective passengers.

As the session closed the team was headed for the Spaceport, to board The Run Around Sue, and head for New Mecca.

The Twenty Sixth Day of July in the Two Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty Second Year of our Lord.



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