Heaven's Gate

January 23rd, 2010 Session

Prison Break, with Special Guest Star

The Fourth Day of August in the Two Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty Second Year of our Lord.

The session opened with the team speeding away from an exploding Cathedral Station in the Wake System.

As the team celebrated their victory over The Church, and rescue of Maria, Gabby wondered aloud about how they would find the Gondar System. The other prisoner the team had rescued overheard this, and told the team that he knew where the Gondar System was, because he had been there. McIntyre was suspicious of the man, but having no other leads, he introduced the team, and asked the man his name.

Jake Spartan,” he said. Spartan then proceeded to explain that he had been on the system, and knew it well enough to describe it to them. When the Captain pressed Spartan about how he knew so much about a Church prison world, Spartan explained that he had done some bad things, and had spent quite some time there.

After Spartan’s description of the system, Sue was able to identify it on the Star Charts, and used an Observers name for the world in that race’s flute sound language. Spartan asked one favor for the information: that he be allowed to accompany the team on their mission, because he still had “Unfinished business” left on that world.

The team took off for New Mecca to talk to the Imam, and get resupplied for the mission. When the arrived, they grilled Spartan about the System. Spartan let them know some basics about the systems defenses, which were minimal, and told them that there were approximately thirty Muslims on the planet. The ship would need a lot more Stasis Pods, but the Imam was able to arrange for those.

The party recruited a few more troops from those men loyal to the Imam, and immediately set off for Gondar. Upon arrival in the system, the crew floated around cloaked while they planned their eventual assault. It seemed that Gondar’s only real defenses were based around the idea that The Church had complete control over travel to the system. The Gondar planet was apparently a Methane Ice covered rock, that was stuck on a massive orbit around a binary star. With a completely unbreathable atmosphere on the surface, the underground prison had little need for external security as well. The Church’s designs were based entirely on keeping people in the prison, not keeping them out.

With Spartan’s advice, the team decided to capture a shuttle that was in transit to the planet from the Cathedral Station. McIntyre took the controls, and guided The Run Around Sue into a docking position with the shuttle, and forcibly attached her to the Prison Shuttle. The team quickly set charges on the shuttle’s access door, and blasted their way in. Backed up by their Arab troops, the team made short work of the five-man command crew, and captured the ship.

The team checked the shuttle’s prisoner manifests, and found that there were five prisoner’s on-board. Going for the “enemy of my enemy” angle, McIntyre asked Boma to identify the prisoners.

Two of the men were Japanese Crime Syndicate men which turned out to be Green Lotus Clan. They immediately signed up to help, having already heard of the team’s exploits.

Two of the remaining three men were religious prisoners, convicted of trying to spread the Buddhist faith. One of them asked not to be involved, and was transferred to the Sue. The other, while a pacifist, was still willing to help.

The remaining man turned out to be a serial killer, and the team decided it would be best just to Space him.

Eventually the team settled into a plan of having McIntyre, Boma, Spartan, and the two Yakuza replace the command crew of the shuttle, and then bring Seif, the buddhist, and the Arab troops onto the planet as prisoners. Spartan immediately rejected this idea, claiming that he would rather be dead then wear one of The Church’s uniforms. So the Buddhist, and Spartan traded places.

Gabby, Sue, and the remaining Buddhist stayed on board the Sue, and waited in orbit.

Boma faked a new prisoner manifest, and crew ids; and with that done, the team set off. They had no problems landing on the world, and everything seemed to be going perfect. With the Prison’s guards on-board the ship, the team started to hand-off their “prisoners.” Things were running smooth until the guards got to Spartan. When they opened his pod, and started to remove him, the Prison Guards were quite startled, and started to comment about him. They recognized Spartan, and expressed surprise that they were seeing him back here again. They seemed to be enjoying the process of teasing Spartan, about his doom in returning, and when McIntyre asked why, Spartan lunged out of his pod, and wrapped his manacles around the Guard’s neck, choking him before he could answer.

McIntyre was very pissed about the sudden deviation from the plan, and at his signal, the two Yakuzas started hitting Spartan with their Shock Batons. Once Spartan was subdued, the Guards quickly brought in a stretcher with built-in restraints, and removed Spartan in a more forceful manner.

McIntyre, Boma, and their fellow fake Shuttle Crew members were assigned bunks at the prison, and were escorted around to see how the system was run. The prison had several levels, most being for prisoner habitats, with a few dedicated to the factories the prisoners worked in, and the systems that maintained water, food, and air processing. Two of the prisoner habitat levels were for women, with the rest for men. The Guards even had some deals worked out with the female prisoners on one of the levels, where the guards received sexual favors in return for extra privileges.

Seif and the Arabs were processed, and sent to general population, where they quickly hooked up with the other Arabic prisoners, who had formed a gang in one section of the prison. They tried to get the word to their leader, that they were planning a prison break, but the old man wrote Seif’s statements off as the pitiful hopes of a fellow condemned man.

Spartan was sent off to sit and cool off in solitary confinement. Once McIntyre had some free time with the guard that Spartan had choked, he inquired further about Spartan’s past. The guard explained that Spartan used to be the Head Guard on Gondar, but he was arrested when he got one of the female inmates pregnant. It turned out that the woman he impregnated was an Arab, and The Church was angry not just about his improprieties with a prisoner, but also the fact that she was a heretic. Spartan was stripped of his position, and was sent off world to be tried for his crime.

Given how well the last “Former Church” employee’s time of service under McIntyre’s employ had gone, the Captain was not happy with the current situation. McIntyre asked the Head Guard, if he could get a chance to have a private one-on-one with Spartan. The Guard took a small amount of cash from McIntyre, and arranged a session in an interview room, that had “faulty” cameras. Once they were alone together, McIntyre got the full story from Spartan, and although angry about the deception, McIntyre could see that Jake had no love for The Church.

McIntyre and the crew would use the interview room several more times in the coming days to get Wall-to-Wall counseling time for Seif and Spartan; all under the excuse, that the two had been unruly prisoners on-board the Cathedral Station, and they wanted payback. With the ability to covertly communicate with their allies the team set about a plan of breaking the Arabic population out of the Prison. McIntyre was also able to help Seif prove to the Arabic leader, that there was outside help available to the prisoners, for their jail break. The leader would even be able to get word to the few Muslim women in the prison during his prayer services that he conducted on their floor.

Boma found a painting work assignment, that would bring eight prisoners upstairs, and McIntyre put in a request to have several prisoners brought up to assist with the repairs of the damaged shuttle door. Boma then hacked the prisons computer network, and changed the duty rosters to have only Seif, and several Arabic men on them.

With the additional manpower coming up from below, the team positioned themselves for maximum effect. Their planned covert attack would simultaneously paralyze several key systems, allowing the team, and all of the Arab prisoners to slip onto the Prison Shuttle, and escape.

Boma started things off, by assassinating the two guards in the Prison’s Hangar Control room, and then hacking the computer systems from there to act as Eyes and Ears for the team.

Then McIntyre, and Spartan who were acting under the guise of having an “interview” session, slipped out of their interview room to attack the guard station at the prison’s elevator. There attack did not go as well as planned. McIntyre needed several tries to shoot the heavily armored Guard that manned the station, and before he could kill the man, the guard triggered a base alarm. When the Head Guard called up to Prison Control, Boma routed the call to McIntyre instead, and McIntyre conned the Guard Chief into believing one of the men had a weapons malfunction, and accidentally set off the warning systems. Boma then killed the base alarm, and the Yakuzas got the Arabic Work Details armed and armored.

Feeling like his old self again, with his blade back at his side, Seif took several men into the Prison Guard’s areas, and fought their way to the Elevator. With a small army of men to guard the elevator post, McIntyre, Seif, and Spartan went below to gather the remaining Arabic prisoners.

With only two men in the little control rooms that access the elevator on each floor, the three men had no problem taking out the guards on the habitat level containing the Arabic men. The old Muslim leader had done well, and had his flock gathered close to the doors, when McIntyre and his team arrived. With only a few shots fired, the team was able to get the prisoners into the elevator, and back up to the main floor. They quickly went back down, and did the same on the women’s level, where Spartan was reunited with his lover, and their son.

The team had a few more minor scraps with the harried and panicked Guards before they made it to the Shuttle, but soon everyone but Boma was on-board. Boma sent the ship up to the surface, and then donned an armored Spacesuit, and fought his way to an access hatch, that lead to the surface.

The team picked up Boma once he was top-side, and fled to orbit to link up with the Sue. Once every on was on-board, Sue set course, and flew them all to New Mecca. The Imam offered to find a hide-away on the planet for Spartan and his family (Provided he would convert, and marry the mother of his child). The team was payed well, and celebrated another victory against The Church.

As the session closed, the team wondered what their next adventure would be. Several of their accounts were settled now, but the team pondered what new debts they had brought into their lives with the actions they had taken against The Church, and the lingering mystery about the girl named Sue.

The Thirteenth Day of August in the Two Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty Second Year of our Lord.



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