Heaven's Gate

January 16th, 2010 Session

Settling accounts with Agent Smith

The Twenty Sixth Day of July in the Two Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty Second Year of our Lord.

As the session opened the team was headed for the Spaceport. They had scooped up the one fallen Islamic soldier, and Boma assured the team that he would survive, provided they could get him in a Stasis Pod as soon as possible.

As soon as the crew were on board, they made way to New Mecca, and dropped off their cargo. With that completed the team made their way for Nippon, and their date with Smith.

In Nippon, the team made a quick contact with the Green Lotus Clan, and assured their rights to privately deal with the “Smith” situation.

Smith arrived in system with the another one of Jack’s crews. Seif did his Arab Ninja thing, and snuck in behind Smith, placing his blade on Smith’s neck. With no resistance offered, Smith was taken back to The Run Around Sue. On board the Sue Smith was “interviewed” by McIntyre with the aid of some pliers, and Smith’s growing lack of fingernails. While he resisted some, Smith eventually coughed up the location of Maria (on the Wake System), and even the name of a prison world (Gondar). Wanting to get some equal justice, the team took Smith to Hell, and dropped him off there as just compensation for his role in their stranding weeks ago.

The team set off again, this time for New Mecca to secure some help from the Imam and their assault against the Cathedral Station at Wake. On New Mecca, Imam Al Din found several Arab soldiers, and an explosives specialist to assist the crew of the Sue in their assault. The team then sped off to Wake, and their date with the Cathedral Station.

In Wake, the team stealthed their way into the station, and sent their boarding crew into her depths to find Maria. Several firefights broke out, and the team was forced to split their team. Captain Mcintyre, Boma, and three of the Arabic soldiers went towards the Prison Level; while Seif, the Demolitions Specialist, and the remaining three Arabs went towards the reactor core.

Barry and his team were able to plow their way through the meager defenses on the station, but Seif and his team were forced to suffer minor losses. Eventually both teams made it to their respective targets, and there they encountered their stiffest resistance.

At the Prison Level, McIntyre’s squad got caught in a fire fight with the prison guards, and were able to handle the regular guards, but the Prison Sergeant turned out to be a tough cookie, and held them off for a bit before he was brought down. After fighting through the Sergeant, McIntyre started opening cells, rescuing one civilian, and eventually finding Maria.

Meanwhile Seif and his team were able to fight a bloody battle in the Reactor core, and got the Explosives expert to the control panel, so he could set up his bomb. The expert performed as advertised, and quickly set and secured the explosives that would spell the doom of the Wake station.

At this point, it seemed that all the team needed now was an easy escape, and then a victory dance. On the way back to the ship, the team unfortunately ran into the Church’s dance team, who had their own jig planned.

Swinging around the last corner before the docking bay, the team found twenty soldiers from The Swiss Guard, lined up in a triple file across the corridor. The remaining Arab soldiers attempted a suicide run at the Swiss, but were cut down before they could get to the defenders. Just as all hope seemed gone, a wash of flame rushed into the corridor from behind the Swiss, incinerating the soldiers. As the smoke and flame cleared, the Sue materialized out from under her cloak, and spun around to load in the team.

As the session closed the team was speeding away from the station, while watching it explode.

The Fourth Day of August in the Two Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty Second Year of our Lord.



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